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This company is a disgrace. This company is a disgrace. They have a few and I mean a few nice staff but the type of people that were dealing with my mum on the whole were a disgr... Read more Reviewed on: 3rd May 2024
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Zurich pension reviews written by Smart Money People like you. For many of us, our pension is an important part of our financial future. Finding a pension provider that you can trust and rely on is a must for many people. Take a look at our Zurich pension reviews to find out what life at Zurich is really like. If you hold this pension, we'd love you to write an honest review here too!

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Zurich Pension reviews (2)

This company is a disgrace.

This company is a disgrace. They have a few and I mean a few nice staff but the type of people that were dealing with my mum on the whole were a disgrace. There was one in particular Raj no customer service, rude, arrogant and unhelpful. She even tried to shout down the phone. I cannot recommend this company and i hope that you find a pension company that cares. My mother was told she would receive her pension in 10 days. We sent all the relevant documents that were asked of us. Then on the ninth day after calling several times to clarify wether what we had sent was correct, we were told that they cannot make payment because they need a transfer form. My question is why wasn’t this form sent with the other form? And why was this not sent when I called a few days before? Infact it wasn’t even mentioned. If there needed any more form filling why weren’t we told at the start? Why did they wait a day before the release to say that they needed us to sign something else. This begs one to ask what are they doing with peoples money? And what makes this even more peculiar is that we were told by three of their representatives that there was no proble with the forms we had already sent, this was, I might add sandwiched between speaking with raj who was so awful I had to disconnect the call and call back. To think that someone has been a good citizen and paid all what they were supposed to and be spoken to in this way with no empathy is appalling. I am stunned. Then after clarifying with the sales reps from Zurich that no other attachments or documentation was necessary, we receive an email at 3.30 pm on the ninth day, the day before the money was due, telling us they need to send another form which will take another 5 working days to be delivered. This made me feel like they were doing something dodgy with the money. Why would you lie repeatedly about payment and then at the last minute change course? And change everything you said up until that moment about the delivery of my mothers pension. No apology, no telephone call just a message from the financial brokers who had nothing to do with the release of the funds. I now have to call them to speak in my mothers behalf. They are crooks and con artists and cannot be trusted to tell the truth never mind deal with someone’s pension! Reviewed on: 3rd May 2024
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Mr Williams

absolutely terrible, unprofessional and very unapproachable.

took 18 months to transfer a dormant pension. I was sent threatening letters with Scorpions telling me about rogue pension products. I asked Zurich what they could offer and they couldn't do anything . My original pension was actually losing money and I needed to get the plan back in motion. I would advise anyone with a long standing pension with Zurich to look very carefully at how the plan is doing. Reviewed on: 6th October 2014
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Ashley Moore

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