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Cover My Breakdown: Personal Breakdown Insurance reviews

Based on 5 reviews, last reviewed 27th Nov 2023
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Worse recovery company after the AA. This company will not only take forever to answer the phone. They will then go into give you totally made up recovery times, and/or do absolutely anyt... Read more Reviewed on: 27th November 2023

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Cover My Breakdown Personal Breakdown Insurance reviews (5)

Worse recovery company after the AA.

This company will not only take forever to answer the phone. They will then go into give you totally made up recovery times, and/or do absolutely anything at all to get out of recovering you. I would say they are almost as bad as the AA. Reviewed on: 27th November 2023

Do not use - pay for recovery

I broke down twice, 50 days after each other and was made to pay upfront for the recovery (costing £250) and send proof of the previous repair before any recovery could happen. Despite there being similarities with the fault, first my oil filter came loose and secondly the timing chain and crankshaft broke (so the oil light was on in both occasions), the problem is clearly different. As there has been substantial damage to the engine after the timing chain and crankshaft has broken, I cannot repair the car and am scrapping it instead. Since I cannot provide proof of the second repair, I cannot get reimbursed for this recovery. During the breakdown the customer service was unsupportive, I felt lucky to keep my receipts in my car and to have good enough signal to be able to send an email. And feel that throughout the call, I was not taken seriously, made to feel like the situation was my own fault and that I had planned to breakdown. I have been a customer of covermybreakdown for 3 years and these two occasions are the only time I have had to call out breakdown. Unfortunately, they happened 50 days after each other meaning I had to pay upfront to be recovered, which caused a huge amount of stress at an already stressful time. This policy does nothing other than prey on people in unfortunate situations who have no other option. I am a young female, and was on the side of a main road, alone, a long distance from any public transport. I pay for breakdown cover to protect me in these instances and to help when clearly I have no other option. Due to this policy, I do not feel protected at all. Their website rightly describes breaking down as a "nightmare situation... one that can be a scary and stressful situation" - it even goes on to suggest you will "be there when [customers] need" and that customers "won't be left stranded on the roadside". Clearly they understand the difficulties of breaking down, however, have created a policy that makes the situation even more stressful to those who unfortunately find themselves in that "nightmare situation" twice in a short period of time. I feel completely let down by this cover, and their statement suggesting that your customers "won't be left stranded on the roadside" is obviously completely fictitious, as if I did not pay, I would have been stranded. I felt like I had no choice but to pay upfront. I do not recommend their cover at all - get AA or RAC that actually values their customers and helps to keep them safe when broken down. Reviewed on: 12th November 2023

Extremely disappointing

I been with them since 2020,, last 3 years I never made any claim,, on this February I call them for jump start due to extreme weather,, they came to my home it's too few for start the car,, since that I no issues about jump start,, last night about midnight my car 2 tyre bust and I was 15 miles way from home,, I called them they asking for last claim battery service report,, which I don't need it ,, because battery is fine garage guy said ,,when is snowing any car battery can die, because I told them I don't have receipt,, they will charge me, If they come and rescue me which is £120,, and didn't pay them they didn't came,, and I had to spent all night inside the car,, which is worst day of my life,,, this worst ever experience my life,, I'm driving uk 20 years now I never face this kind of situation Reviewed on: 7th September 2023
A Hasan's avatar
A Hasan

The worst service possible

Not happy ! DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE !! Having called them due to a car breakdown, it took 45 minutes for someone to answer the phone, another 15 minutes on hold only to be told they would not cover the breakdown as I had disconnected the battery to stop the alarm sounding constantly ( the alarm/ immobiliser has gone into fault) . Apparently this was deemed as a failed DIY repair so they would not send someone out .The car had broken down within 50 yards if a pub, as well as running the battery flat, it was annoying the patrons of the pub one of which was a mechanic who had a few tools with him to disconnect my battery. However amazingly they would send someone out if I paid separately . I think he said it would start at £195 plus VAT. Reviewed on: 18th August 2023

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