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Great It’s really great and not too expensive Reviewed on: 21st March 2023

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This bank will crush your hopes, sanity, and process of buying a house Horrific communication and people that just don't care about you. Go with them and you SERIOUSLY risk jeopardising getting your property at the last h... Read more Reviewed on: 12th January 2023
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HSBC Fixed Rate Mortgage reviews (75)


It’s really great and not too expensive Reviewed on: 21st March 2023

Flexibility within the product/easy to use app

After seeking help from a professional HSBC came out the best for my circumstances in terms of a 5 yr fixed mortgage. I like the fact the paperwork that was sent through explained in detail and also a brief summary of what the terms of the mortgage were and how much I could overpay each year. The app is easy to use and it is useful to keep track of how the mortgage payments are impacting on the amount borrowed. Reviewed on: 20th March 2023
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Easy to set up, but their online system is out dated

It was a pleasure working with the people at HSBC to get our mortgage set up, making sure we were getting what was right for us. The came across as a ethical company. Their online and app set up is pretty poor thought, with it being a faff to set up and not as good as other banking apps out there. Reviewed on: 11th March 2023

Really helpful

HSBC have been brilliant throughout our whole mortgage process. Great customer service. Reviewed on: 22nd February 2023
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