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A very modern company They are ready for the ever changing insurance space, with technology advances to match the evolving risk landscape. Reviewed on: 18th August 2020

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Loosing money 2 years of constant losses. No benefits of having this investment with aviva. Waste of time and money Reviewed on: 23rd February 2023
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Aviva Investments reviews (17)

Loosing money

2 years of constant losses. No benefits of having this investment with aviva. Waste of time and money Reviewed on: 23rd February 2023
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Why have an Aviva Stocks and Shares ISA?

I've managed to log into my Aviva Stocks and Shares ISA account this morning to see that the value has dropped dramatically. Why? Yes, I am very well aware of the recent turmoil in investments, but I cannot see any detail, any charts or anything to give me confidence that Aviva are managing my investment in these challenging times. What a pointless website. Time to move. Reviewed on: 25th November 2022

Would not waste my money, current account would be worth more now.

My wife and I invested the majority of our savings several years ago with these people. Financial advisor recommended. Retired 2019 intending to take pension 2021 but, admittedly with Covid, hut investments lost money continuously and are still doing so. When millionaires are being made and existing getting to billionaires I wonder what this mult million pound business is really doing, apart from still charging fees and no doubt paying a huge pension to former staff and chief execs. My meagre cash isa is performing far better. Not beating inflation but at least more than invested. And don’t get me started about Aviva Reviewed on: 19th October 2022
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AVIVA steals your money!

We have an Investment Bond which has lost thousands of pounds because of very poor investments by AVIVA. AVIVA say they do not give any financial advice but they do when you go to cash in all of the investment by saying, that the investor may lose out as the market goes up and down! They are taking investor's money to keep their business aflot Reviewed on: 30th July 2022
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