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Barclays: Help to Buy ISA reviews

Based on 31 reviews, last reviewed 24th May 2024
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I don’t think the rates are as good as what I could... I don’t think the rates are as good as what I could get elsewhere. Reviewed on: 24th May 2024
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cannot be used for a purchase of more than £250,000 I am a first time buyer who saved for years using my Barclays Help to Buy. I live in Watford and there are no properties for £250K, you might find a ... Read more Reviewed on: 9th February 2022
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About the Help to Buy ISA

You can now read Barclays Help to Buy ISA reviews at Smart Money People! If you?re interested in using Barclays's Help to Buy ISA, read our reviews written by people like you, to decide whether Barclays offer the best ISA option to suit your needs. Our reviews come from people that have used this product before, and so are very useful in offering insight into the customer satisfaction rates etc.

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Barclays Help to Buy ISA reviews (31)

I don’t think the rates are as good as what I could...

I don’t think the rates are as good as what I could get elsewhere. Reviewed on: 24th May 2024
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Good product, bad customer service

The Help To Buy ISA product I used for ~5 years functioned well, but the customer service was lacking. The fees, interest rates, and bonus was all as expected, with no surprises along the way, which was very nice. Access to online banking and the mobile app was useful. However, my access to the mobile app was revoked as I didn’t have another account with Barclays, which because inconvenient. There is a clear split in customer service departments between phone, online, and in-person banking. There were times I was passed from the phone banking helpline to online banking bank, to in-person bank visit and back. Each department said the others could fix an issue and theirs couldn’t. It felt like each department was a bit too happy to pass on the work to another department. There was one time I was on hold to Barclay’s phone banking for >9 hours, but this was during Covid, so I could imagine they were struggling at that time. In all: the product itself was good, but the customer service departments need to be more cohesive for an improved customer experience. Reviewed on: 2nd June 2023
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George price

Brilliant and Easy

Couldn’t fault Barclays Help to Buy ISA, easy to understand, Barclays customer service is great too Reviewed on: 10th March 2023
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Hollie Childs

Good but poor interest

I opened this help to buy ISA several years ago, when it had a market leading interest rate. This plummeted when Covid came along and it has been incredibly slow to recover. Even now it is considerably lower than most other savings accounts. Reviewed on: 27th February 2023
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