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good service It was very easy and simple,was very friendly and totally. Reviewed on: 21st September 2019

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This company are terrible They add premiums to your policy based on unfounded info. I then used the same info they said drove up the premium - the price is within a few pounds.... Read more Reviewed on: 28th December 2022

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Brightside Car Insurance reviews (1386)

This company are terrible

They add premiums to your policy based on unfounded info. I then used the same info they said drove up the premium - the price is within a few pounds. Awful service - wouldn't even recommend them to my worst enemy. I've wasted £100 calling these jokers from abroad and then a further £90 calling other companies to get a replacement policy in place. Avoid at all costs, I'd give them zero stars if I could - I've never dealth with a company that is so underhand in their approach. Good luck if you choose to use them. Reviewed on: 28th December 2022

Absolutely shocking

3 emails, numerous phonecalls (to there customer service or lack of) and all I got was the chance to speak to them through a weblink, they should be seriously looked at. Trying to rip people off, £162 they wanted for an exit fee, then I told them I'm within my 14 day cooling off period/credit consumer act then all of a sudden it was £1.65. I ended up screenshotting It, I never thought I'd be on a page like this but they are a disgrace Reviewed on: 4th July 2022
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Stuart Reid


Actually disgusting. Accepted my policy, took my money, cancelled policy for 'unacceptable occupation ' (I'm a stay at home carer for my disabled son) I rang up and asked them to explain, they said they can't tell me any more than what has already been said to me, which was nothing! So now, because I'm classed as having a policy cancelled, I'm red flagged from other insurers and have to pay much more for a new policy. How about don't accept me at all as soon as I've declared my occupation?! Absolutely abhorrent treatment of people Reviewed on: 27th June 2022
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Hannah Peck


BE CAREFUL ADMIN FEE £35! Please do not get a car insurance! I took insurance under a year ago and oh my what I did not realise this company was about and thank God that my policy is ending soon. Story was that we moved house and my address changed. So as being a lawful citizen I went straight to Brightside to update my address. They advise that policy changes can be done on online account and be assured it cannot! They have no option to do changes on the account. Then I tried to message their online chat support and they cannot do address changes there and referred me to a number to call. Calling was an absolute nightmare. I was calling almost every day and call would take 30-50 mins for my patience to rin out. They have option to leave number for a call back but rest assured that never happens. I must have called 4 times with no luck in a week. This morning I have finally manged to get through to a different line to cancel renewal (as no way I am renewing with Brightside oh nooo!) that they sent over during the weekend and asked agent to put me through for address change. And this is how I managed to change my details. But wait, they charge £35 admin fee for address renewal!!! YES £35 to change address. Not like other normal companies that may refund you for moving to a safer area (like actually my partner did) but charging admin fee for just a change. As I complained on call that I did not manage to get through their calls and was very dissapointed with service this nice lady (she was actually really helpful so people that work there is not a problem) on call waived the fee. But OMG stay away from them as God forbid if you need to claim if they are such a nightmare to get hold off and charge admin fees! Reviewed on: 9th May 2022
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