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Helpful & polite Excellent customer service. Good value for money & easy to get through on the phone Reviewed on: 18th September 2022

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Stay away from this company The worst claim experience I ever had in my life , They dont follow your claim . You must follow your case almost every week ,They will make sure to ... Read more Reviewed on: 23rd March 2023
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Jon John

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British Gas Home Insurance reviews (26)

Stay away from this company

The worst claim experience I ever had in my life , They dont follow your claim . You must follow your case almost every week ,They will make sure to delay the claim as much as possible .Finally Ombdenseman helped and ordered to settle the claim Reviewed on: 23rd March 2023
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Jon John

Unsafe smart meters

Cover of a plug attached to a smart meter exploded & narrowly missed my 10 yr old daughters head. B.G didn't want to know. They DO NOT care about customers safety. Reviewed on: 17th March 2023
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Absolutely hopeless

I am now on my 4th month waiting for them to repair my broken toilet. They have farmed out their claim handling to an external company who seem to be incapable of any organisation. Firstly they told me I wasn’t covered for the broken toilet on my contents insurance and only for the stained carpets. I had to look through my insurance and explain to the handler that the buildings insurance covered sanitary ware and that meant the j toilet was covered. I then got a series of conflicting stories from various claims handlers as to whether I could get my brother in law (a qualified plumber and builder) to replace the toilet only to eventually find that if I didn’t use their contractors future claims would be disallowed. They then sent out contractors to estimate just on the toilet and then kept telling me the contractors would return to look at the carpet and floor beneath. It turns out they never passed this onto the contractor handling team. I’m still waiting for the contractors to come out and estimate for entire job. And have no idea when it will happen. 4 months with no toilet is no joke! So avoid at all costs Reviewed on: 20th February 2023
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ann kean

Over 4 weeks delay in fixing a broken boiler

We have been with British gas for years and never had a problem with them coming out to fix our heating but woke up this morning with no heating or hot water. Rang BG and was offered an engineer in a months time end of January. Totally unacceptable! No apology just said all urgent slots were full because everyone claims to be old and infirm. Called a private gas engineer and between us sorted problem. British Gas would just leave us to freeze Reviewed on: 31st December 2022

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