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Insurance Uptake Score

A bi-annual barometer of insurance purchasing decisions in the UK.

The Insurance Uptake Score by Smart Money People quantifies consumer predictions about their likelihood to continue with, purchase, increase, reduce, or cancel their insurance cover.

The report, released twice a year in September and March, provides unique insight into the UK insurance market.

It asks those responsible for purchasing personal lines insurance products about their anticipated decisions for the next 12 months.

What’s included in the Insurance Uptake Score?

The Insurance Uptake Score is an insurance industry trends report. It spans ten common types of personal lines insurance (any insurance policy taken out by an individual in a private capacity as opposed to for business or professional use).

These include home, motor, health, travel and pet insurance.

Every edition features the same core sections, allowing users to get a sense of historical trends as the market shifts.

Potential growth per insurance type

The Insurance Uptake Score compares the net increase (respondents who will take out new cover or increase their cover) with the net decrease (respondents who will stop or reduce their cover). This net increase less the net decrease is the calculation used to predict the growth for each type of insurance over the next 12 months.

Likelihood of switching providers

Find out if consumers are planning to switch providers in the next 12 months across each insurance type.

Reasons for switching provider

Understand why consumers are switching providers, with factors ranging from personal circumstances, to costs, to seeking a higher level of coverage.

Insight into consumer buying decisions

Discover customer behaviour patterns, from the most popular renewal month to whether customers pay monthly or annually.

Aggregate insurance uptake score

See the overall Insurance Uptake Score for all products and how this changes over time.

Delve into the consumer mindset

Understand why decision-makers are expecting to change the insurances they hold.

For a more in-depth overview of our latest Insurance Uptake score findings, head to our blog post.

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Released March 2024
Released September 2023

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