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Mortgage lender benchmark

The industry’s largest broker feedback survey, designed to provide in-depth analysis of the mortgage market.


Valuable insights driven by broker feedback

We launched the Mortgage Lender Benchmark in 2018 to give brokers the chance to offer feedback on mortgage lenders. Since then, it’s grown into the industry’s largest independent broker research survey, and a valuable source of insight for businesses.

In-depth analysis enables you to form valuable insights to help understand the market – from high street mortgage lenders working with intermediaries to specialist and lifetime lenders, and even tech companies and consultancies.

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Read the key findings from the latest report, including useful stats and a list of the top-rated lenders (according to brokers). You’ll also find sector comparisons, satisfaction scores and a statement from our CEO.

Stay ahead of the latest trends and make sure your strategy is up to date.

What’s included in the Mortgage Lender Benchmark?

Six-monthly analysis of mortgage lenders, compiled from broker feedback.


Mortgage lender league tables

From highest to lowest, see who brokers are likely to recommend or avoid.


Heatmaps for UK lenders

In-depth analysis of UK-specific lenders.


What matters most to intermediaries

The factors that influence a broker’s decision to recommend a lender.


How do brokers see the market?

Topical views from brokers on a range of relevant factors, from house prices to the cost of living.


Technology provider in-depth analysis

How satisfied are brokers with the CRM, affordability, criteria and product-sourcing solutions on the market?


Brand personality analysis

We perform detailed brand analysis to help you understand what brokers think of your brand.

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Mortgage Lender Benchmark reports

Read our latest Mortgage Lender Benchmark Reports, including a summary of the latest version, analysing the mortgage lending landscape via broker testimonial. See the most relevant, up-to-date findings or track developments over a given time.

Broker insight capabilities

We can survey brokers for a specific lender and compare the results with data from our Mortgage Lender Benchmark report, giving you bespoke insights for your part of the industry.


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We regularly work with lenders to survey their brokers for insights, and compare the results with data from our Mortgage Lender Benchmark report.

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