Mortgage Lender Benchmark

The largest piece of independent lender research carried out in the industry

The Mortgage Lender Benchmark by Smart Money People is the largest piece of independent lender research carried out in the industry using broker feedback.

The report, released twice a year in June and December, provides unique and actionable insight into mortgage lenders in the UK.

Since its launch in H2 2018, the Mortgage Lender Benchmark has benefitted a wide range of organisations. These range from high street mortgage lenders who work with intermediaries to more specialist lenders and those within the lifetime sector. We’ve also worked alongside technology providers, consultancies, and the contents will provide value and insight to companies looking to enter the market and regulators.

What’s included in the Mortgage Lender Benchmark?

The Mortgage Lender Benchmark is a six-monthly assessment of the service and propositions of mortgage lenders, and covers banks, building societies, specialist lenders and lifetime lenders.

Every edition of the Benchmark features the same core sections, allowing users to get a sense of historical trends as the market shifts:

Mortgage lender league tables

Identifies the companies that lead the market and those with the lowest satisfaction levels across a number of themes for all key sectors of the mortgage market.

Individual analysis and heatmaps for UK lenders

In-depth pages of analysis across the core lenders in the UK.

Insight into what matters most to intermediaries

Analyses the themes that have the most positive and negative impact on whether brokers will recommend a lender or not.

Topical questions on brokers’ views on the market

This includes house price predictions, desires, future product innovations, challenges raised by the cost of living crisis and more.

Technology provider in-depth analysis

How satisfied are brokers with the CRM, affordability, criteria and product sourcing solutions on the market.

Brand personality analysis

Insight into whether lender brand matters to brokers and how they describe the brands of UK lenders.

For a more in-depth overview of our findings in the latest Mortgage Lender Benchmark, head to our blog post.

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Historical versions of the Mortgage Lender Benchmark available

H2 2022
Released 7th December 2022
H1 2022
Released 20th June 2022
H2 2021
Released 9th December 2021
H1 2021
Released 10th June 2021
H2 2020
Released 4th December 2020
H1 2020
Released 8th June 2020
H2 2019
Released 4th December 2019
H1 2019
Released 5th June 2019
H2 2018
Released 3rd December 2018

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