Customer Insight

Our pulse is on the heart of the financial industry. The breadth of data points captured as part of the review process and our use of artificial intelligence means that we’re able to deliver the voice of the customer in financial services.

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Customer Pulse Dashboard

Our Smart Money People Pulse dashboard delivers high quality competitive benchmarking and helps firms better understand their strengths and weaknesses, and how they compare with other firms. Using artificial intelligence, we’re able to analyse the free text left by consumers using our proprietary analytical framework.

What makes this different?

Simply put, our dataset is unique. We capture both performance and regulatory data points and we understand more about the consumers leaving this feedback.

Our data powers the financial world

Our data and insight is used by banks, insurers, building societies and trade associations. It’s also been featured widely in a range of publications, including BBC News, Spectator Money, The Sunday Express, Business Insider and The Economist’s Intelligence Unit.

Latest Mortgage Lender Benchmark

Mortgage Lender Benchmark H2 2018

The Mortgage Lender Benchmark study is the largest independent lender benchmark carried out in 2018 and delivers market intelligence that a number of stakeholders will find valuable. It provides unique and actionable insight into lenders responsible for 91% of all mortgage lending in 2017, and includes SWOT analysis of 32 UK lenders.

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Want to Hear More?

Our customer insight offering is led by Michael Fotis, an experienced financial services management consultant and thought leader. Contact Michaelt to find out more about Smart Money People today.

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