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Consumers come to Smart Money People to read and write reviews about financial companies. Our review subscription service can help you to better engage with your feedback and potential customers reading your reviews. Here's what we offer:

Collect reviews

Set-up verified links To identify which reviews are received following feedback requests.
Tailor questions We can add custom questions tailored to your brand and products.
Offline collection We support offline review collection (e.g. in branches).

Manage reviews

Receive new review alerts Be notified when you receive new reviews.
Reply to review Respond to your reviews and share helpful guidance for consumers.
Control your profile Edit company and product bios.

Drive traffic to your site

Link back to your website Make it easier for potential customers to visit you by linking on your profile page and from our product leaderboard pages.
Link to your social accounts Encourage reviewers to follow you on Twitter or Facebook.
Remove ads from your profile page Keep potential customers focused on your brand.

Increase on-site conversion

Ability to display reviews on your site We have a range of review widgets available for you to use which can help reduce your bounce rate.

Gain customer insight

Export your customer feedback Download your customer feedback, including insight on whether your customers felt they were treated fairly and NPS.

Why do reviews matter?

  • Consumers that use online reviews find them valuable (CMA, 2015)
  • Consumers that use online reviews appear to trust them and they appear to be an important source of information for consumers’ buying decisions (CMA, 2015)
  • 30% of UK consumers have compared products and services online in the last week (Ofcom, 2018)
  • Our Google search read to write ratio averages at 300:1, so for every 1 review written, that’s 300 consumers just browsing our reviews (Smart Money People, 2018)

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