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CoverForYou Travel Insurance Reviews

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Our CoverForYou Travel Insurance reviews can help you to find out what life as a CoverForYou customer is really like. And if you have experience of using this product, why not write your review on Smart Money People today?

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Your Travel Insurance Reviews (767)

9th October 2019

Chances are you are NOT covered if purchasing via Money Supermarket. On hold for 44 minutes.

Tried to call them today to discuss my policy, was on hold for 44 minutes. Ended up getting disconnected. Read other reviews stating this is...

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Tried to call them today to discuss my policy, was on hold for 44 minutes. Ended up getting disconnected. Read other reviews stating this is common.

Purchased insurance for a 10 day trip to USA. Overall cost £140.

Ticked all relevant boxes on money supermarket where the quote was obtained. Made sure I ticked "respiratory" to indicate I suffer from Asthma. (which I barely do but as I have pre-scribed inhalers in the past I thought it best I let them know just incase they try wriggle out of a claim should anything happen).

It was only today (day before we travel) did I discover we will NOT be covered as they didn't have it down on record I suffered from Asthma.

I would have NOT known this had I taken the time to go out my way and let them know I had Asthma via email just to be sure.

What if I needed to claim during my holiday?

They made it pretty clear :-

"You must tell us of all your pre-existing medical conditions. If you fail to declare all pre-existing medical conditions we may refuse to deal with or reduce the amount of any relevant claims, even if a claim is not related to an undisclosed pre-existing medical condition".

I told them I did make this clear I had pre-existing conditions via the form I filled prior to purchasing however this is what the simply had to say:-

"you will need to address this matter with this comparison site "Money Supermarket" as the condition is not showing on your certificate."

So to conclude this review please make sure you check your cover even if you correctly filled out the form. Chances are you'll find like me you are not covered and hopefully find this out prior to traveling and not after.

To make this clear, EVEN if you DID fill out the form for any pre-existing medical conditions double check with them as in my case here it's not been noted.

Furthermore, they cannot "ammend" this on my policy, instead they now have to cancel and refund me meaning I have to wait up to 10 working days for a refund and spend another 40 minutes purchasing further cover else where.

Chances are if this is how shadey they are during this process I would hate to imagine what they would be like to deal with should you need to claim.

4th September 2019

good price and clear details of what you are buying

Easy to use site with a good choice of options. Prices seem reasonable too. Did not have any problems on holiday so have no experience of how the company behaves if I was to have a problem.

3rd September 2019

Very responsive company

I haven't needed to make a claim yet, but whenever I have discussed with customer service they have been very informative on the phone. I have taken out additional insurances with them, and recommended to family.

1st September 2019

Piece of mind Holiday Insurance

Their website was quick and easy to use and offered me everything within the one package I required to give me piece of mind whilst away enjoying myself, and all at a very keen price. I will definitely be using them again. 5*

26th August 2019

Enjoying my holiday free from worry

I have never had to claim, and hope that I never will, saying that I have always found cover for you to be a good price for someone who has a few medical problem that add up to not much more than my age.