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Excellent customer services Their customer service is very well trained, care for their customers in their times of need. Reviewed on: 21st August 2022
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Avoid!Appalling Customer Service Avoid Aviva Travel Insurance!The policy is useless and the staff are aggressive and rude. They refuse to pay out for genuine cases. I lost £4000 that ... Read more Reviewed on: 2nd June 2023

About the Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important, not only for long-haul holidays, but also short getaways and business trips. Finding the right provider for your insurance policy is vital; knowing you’re in good hands can provide the reassurance required to relax and enjoy your travels. Check out our Aviva travel insurance reviews to find out what genuine customers have to say about Aviva’s policies. Aviva was founded in 2000, and has now insured over 15.5 million people in the UK. Every trip is different, but a suitably robust policy should always be a priority. If you’re planning lots of activities for your trip, Aviva offers cover for leisure activities. See what Aviva customers have said about this policy by reading our Aviva travel insurance reviews. If you travel a lot for business, Aviva’s Multi-trip policy is worth investigating too. Whatever your requirements, check our reviews to see if Aviva can provide what you need from your travel insurance policy. Have you taken out a travel insurance policy with Aviva? Would you consider your policy good value for money? Did you come into any problems with the policy? If you had to make a claim, how well was this handled? Share your experience by leaving an Aviva travel insurance review to help others just like you make an informed decision when choosing their new insurance provider. Help us increase trust and transparency in financial services.

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Aviva Travel Insurance reviews (17)

Avoid!Appalling Customer Service

Avoid Aviva Travel Insurance!The policy is useless and the staff are aggressive and rude. They refuse to pay out for genuine cases. I lost £4000 that I should have got back from this appalling company..Beware! Reviewed on: 2nd June 2023


⚠️WARNING!! DO NOT GET TRAVEL INSURANCE WITH Aviva!!! ⚠️ Absolute disgrace of an insurance company! Had to make a claim on our travel to Kenya in Dec 22 due to our original flights being cancelled as travel agent went under administration. Having internal flights and accommodation already booked and non refundable, we ended up paying triple the price for new flights to Kenya less than a month before we were meant to travel. Started a claim with Aviva along with our friends who we were traveling with and also had a policy with Aviva - to cut a long story short - they got their claim which was a higher value to ours and we’re now still fighting to get our money back in difference in flights we had to pay! EXACTLY THE SAME CLAIM, two families, they got paid by Aviva we didn’t!! Where is the justice in that??!! DO NOT GET TRAVEL INSURANCE WITH AVIVA, they will pick and choose who they will pay out!!! This has left us with a massive financial burden to not mention massive stress, after what was meant to be a holiday of a lifetime! Reviewed on: 3rd March 2023
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D Zala

Ridiculous and disgusting.

These people are disgusting. They put myself and my partner(who has had a stroke) through torture and painstaking questions and time, in order to discredit us and try to make us drop our legitimate claim. The tactics involved, repeated non pertinent questions, that made us feel like liars and cheats. At one point they had my partner and I sitting in a car for 75 minutes answering questions. Despicable crowd. Please stay away from them. Reviewed on: 26th February 2023
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Jack Mellon

Cannot get refund

Had to cancel my travel insurance because of my husbands was told he could not fly. Aviva refused to pay any of the policy back even though I cannot use it . Reviewed on: 10th November 2022
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Tom Wakelin

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