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student accounts it is good account to use from day to day and easy to use with good features Reviewed on: 27th February 2021
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Halifax Student Current Account reviews (8)


Halifax student account has been a life saver for me. I knew coming to university during a inflation would be troubling. Thankfully, the student account offered me a fixed overdraft so it keeps me going during my degree. The wait times for incoming payments can be a bit of a pain at times but there than that, Halifax has been amazing. Reviewed on: 15th March 2023

student accounts

it is good account to use from day to day and easy to use with good features Reviewed on: 27th February 2021
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Extremely helpful, informative and easy.

I got a small overdraft with Halifax when I became a university student, everything was very clearly set out and I was fully informed about the bank account itself. In my third year I went to study abroad and I spoke to Halifax to see if I could make my overdraft larger to accommodate for the large payments that would be coming out my bank and incase I needed any back up funds - they were extremely helpful, with no hesitations or scary questions. They approved the overdraft and I’ve been so pleased with their service that when I applied for other financial things, Halifax was the first place I went too. Reviewed on: 20th November 2018


Super easy to switch over my account Reviewed on: 7th January 2018

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