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Halifax: Student Current Account reviews

Based on 10 reviews, last reviewed 15th Feb 2024
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Good Rewards for students Very good account for student, good rewards and generous fee-free overdraft limit which has been extended well beyond graduation date. Reviewed on: 15th February 2024
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About the Student Current Account

The Halifax Student Current Account is a free everyday banking account for those on a full-time degree course or equivalent. The account offers cashback deals and also has overdraft options. The Student Current Account gives access to the Halifax mobile banking app.

Finding the right account to manage your finances as a student can be difficult. We collect Halifax Student Current Account reviews to help you make an informed decision. Be confident in your new student account by reading our reviews first.

Find out what made other students choose the Halifax Student Current Account and if they feel it was the right choice. Learn about the mobile banking app, including how easy it is to use and what useful features it has. Read about Halifax’s customer service team to learn how responsive they are when resolving customer concerns. All of this and more can be found in our Halifax Student Current Account reviews.

Perhaps you already have a Halifax Student Current Account? Share your honest experience with the Smart Money People community. What do you wish you’d known before taking out this account? Tell us why you chose Halifax as your student banking provider. Don’t forget to include details of your experiences with the customer service team - how swiftly did they resolve your concerns? Would you recommend the account to other students? Whether good or bad, write a Halifax Student Current Account review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Halifax Student Current Account reviews (10)

Good Rewards for students

Very good account for student, good rewards and generous fee-free overdraft limit which has been extended well beyond graduation date. Reviewed on: 15th February 2024
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Easy to use and enable adding

When ever I need to increase my limit I can simply submit a form which comes back straight away. The app can sometimes be down but that’s normal for many banks. They offer cashback on purchases wirh certain brands and are a very good bank to use. Reviewed on: 11th June 2023
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John Joseph


Halifax student account has been a life saver for me. I knew coming to university during a inflation would be troubling. Thankfully, the student account offered me a fixed overdraft so it keeps me going during my degree. The wait times for incoming payments can be a bit of a pain at times but there than that, Halifax has been amazing. Reviewed on: 15th March 2023
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student accounts

it is good account to use from day to day and easy to use with good features Reviewed on: 27th February 2021
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