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Always prefer to insure with MCE Always prefer to insure with MCE nice and easy and good prices. One thing let the side down this time though, the telephone line was a bit dodgy and t... Read more Reviewed on: 15th June 2021
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Avoid at all cost. DO NOT USE MCE. Bunch of money grabbing #####. Had a 12 month policy with them, canceled it at six months and they said I had no money being refunded... Read more Reviewed on: 16th February 2023
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Ian Millar

About the Motorbike

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MCE Insurance Motorbike reviews (73)

Avoid at all cost.

DO NOT USE MCE. Bunch of money grabbing #####. Had a 12 month policy with them, canceled it at six months and they said I had no money being refunded. The amount to cancel was exactly the amount that was left on the account even though during the cancellation on the site stated that I wouldn't be charged for it. AVOID AT COST. Reviewed on: 16th February 2023
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Ian Millar

Worst bike insurance company

Since going bust last year they have managed to become the worst company. Every review for them is now 1 star on every site and rightly so. Avoid like covid! Reviewed on: 2nd February 2023
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Jon Smith

It seems that MCE insurance, fake a reviews about them quality of service.

I tried to leave my review about MCE Insurance on other websites like, ( ) it seems that they are fake the reviews which are mostly 5 stars there. My review, the above mentioned website doesn't accept because it has one star also. This website www.smartmoneypeople..., seems has the most clear reviews about "MCE insurance" company which basically has one star reviews. "MCE insurance" has disgusting service Two days already I tried to renew my policy. Because of constant glitches In MCE sistem and delays with verification information I've late to renew it is lapsed. Two days I have spoke already with seven different mce agent's (Glen, Mary, Nicole, Jobr, Jiba, Mel and Lenser) So they introduced themselves to me. Almost all of them advises were absolutely pointless. Only thing they do, asking your details during 5-minutes and then send you to them website to fill in questionnaire to get new quote. I've done it 4 times already during last day. The last agent Lenser I called him five minutes before closing. After 10 minutes of inquiries he asked to stay on the line and hung up. Apparently, he decided it was time to go home. As I dealt with this company also in the past I would like to warn all others that several times I caught them agent's on obvious lies. So I advise you to write all names of agent's you spoke with, time of conversation and other details if you deal with them. Reviewed on: 26th November 2022
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frank foits

Runaround customer service

I have used mce over the years and found them 90 percent overall good . But I part paid my policy this time then month later paid the balance in full with no deduction for paying early ok fine mce / now I find myself in hospital after being hit and telephoned them for help I was asked my reg I don't have a clue operator said I have to talk to higher power no clue what that means and have had same message on my answer machine my policy is paid they have my .name and address? ?? I am still in hospital and live on my own so with smashed leg can't get my docs still I don't understand this maybe I am missing something Reviewed on: 7th November 2022

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