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Useful and easy to use bank Good for day to day spending and provide some good offers on spending Reviewed on: 31st May 2023
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Danger Danger Danger Warning.Be very very concerned if you are thinking of opening a Monese Account. Just don't! I had a Monese account for 3 years. All was good. I starte... Read more Reviewed on: 22nd November 2023

About the Money Account

An award-winning current account you can open instantly on your mobile. Our technology enables people to travel, live or work freely, anywhere in the world.

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Monese Money Account reviews (5405)

Danger Danger Danger

Warning.Be very very concerned if you are thinking of opening a Monese Account. Just don't! I had a Monese account for 3 years. All was good. I started to have problems with payments being authorised at places like the post office for foreign currency and then after a trip abroad they blocked my payment to Barclaycard when the statement came through, when I backpaged to try again a 'suspician of fraud' warning came up?!?! Paying Barclaycard?!?!. I then get an account message to say that my account was under investigation and to send them copies of my eBay Payslips and proof that I paid my taxes? I don't work for eBay and never have so I was very confused by this and sent proof of my payslips for my actual job - it's all very intrusive and weird but you know you are on a hiding to nothing if you don't comply with these things. I received a response to say these were no good and that they wanted my eBay Payslips? Confused and worried, especially after reading 1000's of posts in forums where Monese have blocked accounts for no apparent reason and frozen money that people still have not received back years on I started to withdraw and transfer as much as I could. I responded, politely, you cannot speak to anyone by the way, and repeated that it was impossible to provide payslips for a company I didn't work for and that my only association with eBay was selling a few items , privately, not as a business, from time to time. Recently I had had a little clear out and my eBay statement shows about £580 in the last 90 days. I told them this and also Checked with the inland revenue as to whether you are supposed to include eBay income as earnings. I didn't think so and they confirmed that if it is less than £6000 and your own stuff not items purchased to trade and make a profit from they don't need to know. I advised Monese of this....guess what, 5 minutes ago I saw a message to say they had closed my account. My app was blocked and laughably I was invited to comment on how my communication with them had gone although when you click to respond that was blocked too. So beware. Monese will debank you for insane reasons. To be honest I couldn't say whether I was communicating with a real person or AI, I did screen shot the messages though so at least have a record of communication. Obviously they don't give any reason why they have closed my account and the message they did send has no explanation just a reference to Industry policy so in effect weasel words. I am left questioning how evil I must be. Anyone reading this and thinking there is more behind this, I promise you you are wrong, I used the account for bills and shopping and my salary was paid in by bank transfer. Very boring. Monese clearly think having any association with eBay is worse than murder, imagine actually being employed by ebay! The social stigma! well, at a Monese party anyway!. Now I have to see if I will get my money left with them, over £4000 or join what appears to be a very long line complaining to the ombudsman. In any case there appear better alternatives with better reputations offering more for less. Very best of luck if you do decide to bank with them. Russian Roulette played with 5 bullets chambered not 1! I am now going to contact every money help site and newspaper I can to warn as many people as possible.Take care you have been warned. I was judged by Monese and found wanting...what will they ban you for? Shopping at Sainsbury's? Reviewed on: 22nd November 2023

Irresponsible company that can not guarantee safety of your money

Update!! Now 25 days that my rejected incoming payment by Monese has not been return to my sender. Despite all messages, they will never tell exactly why our money is not sent back. What they thought best to do was to delete my account 03 days ago just because I am requesting to know where is our 14167 Euro. Reviewed on: 20th November 2023
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Tim Nat


I was scammed by a company, I opened a dispute the company then replied with fake evidence I then offered to give explanation that the evidence they have is fake and they also have more evidence they refused outright and said that is not possible even though it is via Mastercard dispute rules! Use a real bank that way you can actually be safe... User's recommendation: avoid Reviewed on: 21st August 2023
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Account blocked and no support

Monese just decided to block my account, they asked a lot of documents and information to unblock it. I have sent all they asked and still don't have my account and money back after 1 month. The support just give you copy and past answers and no solutions. Reviewed on: 2nd June 2023

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