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Based on 13 reviews, last reviewed 5th Feb 2023
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A good everyday card Easy to use with good integration with existing apps. Reviewed on: 5th February 2023
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Mark w

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This product has not received a review of either 1 or 2 stars.

About the Everyday Credit Card

Wondering if the Santander Everyday credit card is right for you? Read our reviews from people just like you to see what they're saying about the interest free period, balance transfers, and everything to do with this credit card, launched in October 2016. Or if you're a Santander customer who already uses the Everyday card, please share a review of your own and help others who are trying to decide if this is the card they've been looking for. With your reviews, we're changing financial services.

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Santander Everyday Credit Card reviews (13)

A good everyday card

Easy to use with good integration with existing apps. Reviewed on: 5th February 2023
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Mark w

Amateurish Website

The credit card is ok but the website is an amaterish attempt compared to other banks. The association with Ant and Dec and attempts at teenage humour is also laughable. Reviewed on: 2nd February 2023

My extra little bits

Every month my extra little bits are paid with my Santander Credit Card. Reviewed on: 9th July 2022

Credit card wise owl

Can be used in all shops and online shops and online restaurants and take aways,better than American express Reviewed on: 19th February 2021
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