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Very happy so far Made some claims and promptly pay out and respond. Copayment means I’m actually claiming. Reviewed on: 15th September 2022

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Unprofessional and do not keep promises made I need to express my deep concern and disappointment regarding the treatment received by me as a policyholder of WPA . I have been diagnosed with type... Read more Reviewed on: 15th February 2023

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WPA Health Insurance Health Insurance reviews (13)

Unprofessional and do not keep promises made

I need to express my deep concern and disappointment regarding the treatment received by me as a policyholder of WPA . I have been diagnosed with type 3 prostate cancer and was scheduled to have an operation on the NHS, which unfortunately got cancelled. As a result, I turned to WPA for help, who informed him that I had "Unlimited Cover" for my cancer care. However, my experience with WPA was not as expected. After I arranged a new operation via WPA, I was subsequently told that I was liable for a £2100 surcharge. This is unacceptable and has caused me significant financial stress and hardship during an already challenging time. WPA was reluctant to investigate this matter and provide an explanation for this unexpected charge. I was under the impression that I had comprehensive coverage under my policy, and it is deeply concerning to learn that I faced such unexpected costs. Reviewed on: 15th February 2023

Incompetent and unprofessional

We asked for a authorisation code which they gave us after so many stupid questions unlike my previous medical insurance company, and they told us to come back with a procedure code , and when did they did not know what it was and rather to pass us to the right person she the call handler was asking so many dumb questions and it was obvious that she was stalling us and we told her the consultation is in two days time but she told us she has check it out and will comeback to us and we later realised she was not even a clinical person so how a professional company have such poor customer service where they can provide so false statements and stop peoples genuine claims and prevent them to have their procedure and even provide incorrect email address for the consultant to return their inquiry , this only means that they only wants to slow down customer’s claims and for them to miss their procedures. This is appalling way of running a business! Reviewed on: 24th January 2023


Well, I,m still here with my IPF condition. As long as I am I feel duty bound to warn all senior customers of WPA to triple check their policy to ensure they will be covered if and when needed. I was diagnosed with a long term terminal illness that will only benefit from realitively cheap (£3500pa) outpatient treatment. Member since 1985 and recently paying £600 per month in fees (£7200pa). I put in a claim to WPA to cover this cost privately rather than putting extra load on The NHS. I was informed that I only had £1K per year cover for outpatient treatment. I checked with the ombudsman and he confirmed that the WPA contract was watertight. So my absolute advice if you are over 60 is to triple check the small print. Please do not think for one moment that they will show any compassion, care or concern. In my view it's all about the money. My own advice would be to put your monthly fee into a 4% annual savings account and use the money for what you might need when you actually need it. BEWARE. The only benefit to me in this situation is to warn others for as long as I can by leaving truthful reviews like this on every possible review and social media site. Reviewed on: 16th December 2022
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Don't Trust Them, they don't care about uou

I have just received a marketing email from this bunch of liars suggesting that there are three secrets to happiness. One of them is freedom to choose. Please, please do not fall for it, they don't care one little bit about your freedom to choose or your circumstances. DO NOT TRUST THEM. Put your money into a savings account then you will have freedom to choose. Reviewed on: 5th October 2022
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