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Based on 23 reviews, last reviewed 29th Feb 2024
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Great Excellent support. Highly recommend Reviewed on: 18th August 2023

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Lame company I’ve joined admiral little box as a first time driver never had any complaints about driving badly from friends family driving instructors ect. There ... Read more Reviewed on: 29th February 2024
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Ben H

About the LittleBox

Find out how genuine customers have found their experience with LittleBox by checking the Admiral LittleBox reviews on Smart Money People.

As a new driver, insurance premiums can be costly. A common way many people reduce the price of their premium is by installing a black box, a telematics device designed to measure how well you drive in order to reward safe drivers. Admiral’s Little Box policy does exactly this.

For new drivers, choosing a telematics policy can be a great way to save money. With Admiral’s LittleBox, safe driving sees you rewarded with a discount on your premium when it comes to renewal. On top of this, Admiral offers free tracking if your car is stolen, as well as regular feedback on your driving, highlighting any areas in which you could improve. If this is something you’re interested in, read our Admiral LittleBox reviews to find out more.

Have you had an Admiral LittleBox policy? Were you satisfied with the feedback that was given regarding your driving? Did you have to make a claim, and if so, how well was it dealt with? When it was time to renew, did you find the discounted price to be reasonable? Whether good or bad, leave an Admiral LittleBox review on Smart Money People today. We're using the power of your reviews to help change car insurance, and financial products for the better!

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Admiral LittleBox reviews (23)

Lame company

I’ve joined admiral little box as a first time driver never had any complaints about driving badly from friends family driving instructors ect. There is no app you have to wait for a weekly “honest” email and it’s been poor ready to cancel my insurance?? Absolute travesty for a company and i hope people will choose a different insurance company Reviewed on: 29th February 2024
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Ben H

I bought this insurance in October for my daughter.

I bought this insurance in October for my daughter. The box got fitted towards the end of December. Installer said wait 24 hours and you will receive details for app. We waited a week. Nothing. So I rang and told them. Then after another 3 weeks I rang them again. Still nothing came through. They informed me that the App was no longer in use and I need to contact or be contacted by vodaphone who sort the black box. I told them that it's not up to me to ring around like this. This is their broken system and they need to help me make it work, not the other way around. Anyway it's almost into February....3 months since starting my insurance and still no data. My daughter has no idea how her driving is doing. Looking at all the poor reviews I'm frankly appaulled by what I'm reading and ready to go legal if they try and cancel or mess up my daughter's future with this fiasko. Reviewed on: 20th January 2024
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John J

Black box policy app useless

Took out black box policy.. fitter fitted after 30 days admiral aware of backlog.. Dec 23. was told I'd get an email and a link to the app. By the fitter and what to look for etc .I am still waiting for this email and we are in Jan 2024 ..phoned customer services to be told the app doesn't work they're getting rid of app and weekly emails to be sent we have to rely on Admirals "honesty" after the fact instead of actual daily readings and easy to view readings.. Hhmmm This is far from acceptable and unuseful for new drivers., they may be driving with caution but with an uncertainty of well is the box working?? Is it faulty.. how will I know etc.. please sort the app out.. Reviewed on: 8th January 2024
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A Btn

Rubbish ..

Had numerous calls and asked for help as the app stopped working and no one can sort …they are still not solving this issue Reviewed on: 6th January 2024
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Steve b

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