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Great service I have always received great service from Alphera, just signed a second deal with them. It’s nice to deal with a large financial organisation that und... Read more Reviewed on: 8th November 2021
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Sat Singh

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Con Merchants I returned a car on PCP from Alphera and was told that I had no mileage cots as i was well under my allowed mileage so could return car with few hundr... Read more Reviewed on: 12th July 2022
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Ste C

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Alphera Financial Services Alphera Hire Purchase reviews (47)

Con Merchants

I returned a car on PCP from Alphera and was told that I had no mileage cots as i was well under my allowed mileage so could return car with few hundred pounds for wear and tear. After returning car I then received an invoice few weeks later requesting £980 for excess mileage. After ringing them they confirmed that this was a mistake as they have listened to original phone call and a manger would sort it out and get back to me . After a month I recieved another invoice for again980m and rang to discuss this where i was told this is not a mistake and i must payy this so i raised a complaint with the complaints department whilst they investigated it everythinbg would be on hold. Three more invoices arrived with different amounts on and several more hour long phone calls were spent trying to sort this out . After another month i received a letter saying my complaint was not upheld and i must pay the £980 . Few days later i rang and an agressive customer service agent told me that my credit score had now been damaged and will continue to be damaged monthly if i did not pay in full immediately. Even if i had payment plan my credit would show arrears on their invoice i had been assured was wrong and i would not have to pay. Agressive tactics , incompetence and lies were all i encountered during months of nightmare phone calls and threatening letters, they are a dreadful rip off company do not get any finance from them for anything without doubt the worste customer service ive ever encountered and will nevr use them again. Reviewed on: 12th July 2022
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Ste C

Disgusting service

I have had an agreement with this company for 4 years. I renewed my agreement last year had new quotes sent through.Unknown to myself a year later they have contacted me to say they never received the renewal paperwork so I don't have a new agreement,I know I sent it back. They have stated that they have sent emails to myself saying I am in arrears- a year later. I have never received these. They have given myself 20 days to make a final payment. I as a single mum with a child with SEN do not have that money to pay.So they are taking the car away from us,won't even let me continue with the same monthly payment they i have been paying. They will accept no mistake on there part & there is no one that they will allow me to complain to. Absolute joke of a company,what I am going to do I just don't know,feel totally lost. Reviewed on: 4th May 2022


Similar to another reviewer, applied for PCP through them on what would have been my 3rd agreement and despite 8 years of never missing a payment and proving funds and income well in excess of what was required they decided to decline funding. Horrible to deal with, arrogant, flippant and disrespectful responses - never again. Avoid at all costs and seek funding elsewhere. Dreadful company to deal with. Reviewed on: 10th April 2022


Total crap been with them for years never missed a payment and they have rejected me for a new PCP deal well they can poke the car i have as unless they have a good reason for it my credit score is 979 out of 999 so no excuse the car i have will be going back never again Reviewed on: 14th November 2021
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