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Axa: Private Health Insurance reviews

Based on 31 reviews, last reviewed 27th Feb 2024
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Easy access to fast medical treatment at an affordable price Every time I claimed the claiming process was smooth and claims staff really friendly. Even once when things did go slightly wrong, the issue was re... Read more Reviewed on: 9th July 2020

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It is simply impossilbe to make a claim on my AXA he... It is simply impossilbe to make a claim on my AXA health policy. I never used the policy since taking it out but when I tried to make a claim, the pro... Read more Reviewed on: 27th February 2024
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James K

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Axa Private Health Insurance reviews (31)

It is simply impossilbe to make a claim on my AXA he...

It is simply impossilbe to make a claim on my AXA health policy. I never used the policy since taking it out but when I tried to make a claim, the process was almost impossible. A ton of unecessary paperwork that you have to repeat over and over. AXA agents are really polite but have no knowledge of the AXA health service and frusrate your efforts to claim until you give up. This strategy must work really well in saving money but they have lost my repeat business and recommendations. AXA have not once replied to the claim forms I sent them. The never reply to emails. The agents give you all the promises you need to hear to get off the phone,. but then you are left stuck when they fail to process it. Their only explanation is that they don't have staff which is really unfair as they should not be selling this service if they do not have the staff to provide for it. Reviewed on: 27th February 2024
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James K

Poor process / website

1) the intake for taking out the insurance is by phone, this is a very error prone process, which can be better done online by the customer himself. My address was entered wrongly and I had to make multiple corrections. 2) the online doctor cannot be activated in the first weeks. 3) the website is not very clear. Most asked for is the claim number, and your policy number, which is not visible in the messages or home page. 4) the website does not know whether your active, in typing a message you can be logged out. 5) many of the customer service are Indian, I find the accent sometimes difficult to follow. 6) the healthcare provider list they provided had my hospital double in there, one in China and the US, one was a wrong entry… quality control is clearly an issue. 7) for the same claim I was asked twice for the diagnosis from the doctor, it was entered with the wrong date the first time. 8) I pointed this out to the customer service 3 times and received 3 times the answer from each time a different person that they understood and would proceed anyway with translating the same diagnosis a second time and evaluating it again. 9) upon calling them the 4th time the customer service representative said she understood and apologised. Upon further questioning it was clear that she did not understood. Taking everything together this is a healthcare company with a bad website that feels like it was designed 2 decades ago, poor quality control, and a not efficient customer service that just drones on. They are nice and apologise a lot. My advice for AXA, redevelop your process, and get rid of the focus on individual customer service. I dont like to having to evaluate the customers service and their individual hobbies. This is just an excuse to not have to look to the process you have. Reviewed on: 4th January 2024
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J. M.

Dental insurance avoid it

Please avoid this company at all cost, they lie about the policy and when submit a claim they refuse to pay you for the first THREE months you can not claim even if it was recommended by your dentist within three months they refuse to pay you, I took the policy in April 2023 and had two filling in November and they still refuse to pay my claim. it's a complete joke, I wish they let you cancel the membreship which makes me sick to be even with them scammers..................... Bupaaaaaaa all the way from now on... Reviewed on: 29th November 2023
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still in shock for the terrible experience

We just had a terrible experience with AXA PPP. My 14 year old son had an accident whilst skiing and consequently had his knee ACL torn and the meniscus severely damaged. AXA had initially provided full cover for the ligament reconstruction surgery, which lasted several hours due to the meniscus damage and other ligaments' complications. They also initially authorised 6 months of physiotherapy. Towards the end of the six months the AXA approved surgeon/specialist clearly stated in writing that, due to the age and further complications, my son required another 6 months of rehabilitation. AXA initially agreed in writing to the extension, stating very clearly that they were happy to cover the treatment until the approved specialist advised so. They also advised, as a proviso, that they wouldn't cover the treatment forever as they do not cover "cronic" conditions, although I would challenge anyone to prove that an ACL tear for a 14 year old boy is a "cronic" condition, especially after just 6 months of therapy. A few weeks later after the agreed extension, however, they stopped making payments to the approved physiotherapy provider. When I called to request clarifications I was put on a lengthy hold, about an hour long, whilst they decided irrevocably that the cover would stop at 6 months notwithstanding their prior written agreement to extend it. I was told that the final decision was based on an alleged "term" that is definitely not included in the "membership handbook", which is the only document myself and my own company were provided with. I raised immediately a complaint and, after 8 weeks (when they didn't even call me to hear my side of the story - so much for a thorough investigation!), they wrote confirming exactly the same previous decision, confirming that the 6 months duration was based on the alleged "term" (providing absolutely no evidence or a copy of the term) and even adding a written statement saying that the decision had nothing to do with my son's clinical needs or conditions!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! This so called "term" that nobody has ever seen (and consequently agreed too), except for them, could mean that anyone could be given only half, or no treatment at all, simply because AXA clearly cannot care less about your medical needs and conditions. They even had the face to send me £100 as a "good will gesture", whilst the treatment cost is in the thousands of pounds. It's clinically proven that, given my son age and complications, the physiotherapy should last at least for a year. There are plenty of medical papers proving this in black and white!!!! PLEASE STAY AWAY AND USE OTHER INSURANCE COMPANIES WHICH HAVE REAL HONESTY AND TRUE INTEGRITY!!!!! WHAT A SCAM!!!! Reviewed on: 22nd August 2023

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