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Love money Love myself and like to enjoy for my life Reviewed on: 5th April 2023

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Boom Community Bank Savings reviews (231)

Love money

Love myself and like to enjoy for my life Reviewed on: 5th April 2023


Although I've not taken a loan. I believe in credit unions for people on low income to have access to fair credit. Reviewed on: 5th September 2021
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Putting money to work

I managed to save a few hundred pounds when I was able to work full time. As well as being there for my forthcoming granddaughter, it has helped Boom to lend to people who might otherwise have difficulty. Anyone can get involved! Reviewed on: 4th September 2021

Great way to save money

I’ve been a member of this credit union for several years and found them to be helpful and streamlined. I like the fact I’m saving in a way that is both easy to access and helps other people. Reviewed on: 4th September 2021

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