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Displaying reviews on your site demonstrates your company's credibility and helps improve customer conversions by giving them confidence.

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Improve your customers' journey

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Displaying reviews on your site demonstrates your credibility as a brand and helps improve customer conversions by giving them confidence. By adding custom widgets to your pages, you can make sure customers see your past reviews without them having to navigate away from your site. Widgets also improve SEO and encourage more users to leave reviews, so you can continue building deeper customer relationships 24/7.

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Increase conversions with review widgets

93% of customers* seek online reviews before they buy a product. Positive testimonials have a strong knock-on effect on sales and click-through rates - with up to 133% higher* conversion rates from displaying positive reviews.

* via FinanceDigest

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Give customers a reason to trust

Showing honest reviews on your site pages is an ideal way to reassure potential customers. It signals trustworthiness, and helps convince users you listen to their needs - especially if you're engaging with them too.

How our widgets work

Our widgets are simple and easy to use, and require no ongoing maintenance. Once you've added a widget to your page, your customers can view external information - like past reviews - without being redirected. Widgets are interactive, too - clicking through takes customers to a review page, increasing your feedback rate.

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Own your page

You'll need to claim your company page to take advantage of widgets, so make sure you take a few moments to get set up.

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Choose your widget

There's a selection of pre-made widgets to add to your page - it's as simple as adding a few lines of code for your web team. And they're customisable, too.

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Add to site

Your web team can place the widget code on your site or app, and you'll be up and running straight away.

Ready to get started?

If you want complete control over your customer feedback and data, get in touch today and we'll help you find the plan that suits your needs.