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Hargreaves Lansdown: Junior ISA reviews

Based on 8 reviews, last reviewed 11th Mar 2024
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Easy to work with. Very competent knowledge based company with decent investing strategies Reviewed on: 11th March 2024
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Mark H

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Hargreaves Lansdown Junior ISA reviews (8)

Easy to work with.

Very competent knowledge based company with decent investing strategies Reviewed on: 11th March 2024
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Mark H

Easy setup and good choice of funds

Set up a Junior ISA for my child, easy to set up and pick funds. The only issue is, I cant work out if you can transfer money into the account without being logged in. So if a family member wants to put in some money in for a birthday etc, they have to transfer the money to me, then I have to log into the ISA and transfer the money using my card details. Reviewed on: 31st May 2023
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Safeguarding my childrens future

I’m so impressed with their Junior ISA. It has allowed me to invest aggressively for my children as future in the hope we have several years to ride the bumps! It is easy to use and touch wood, their ISAs are increasing nicely. Reviewed on: 4th April 2022
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Great value junior isa

For a big name the expectation is the fees will be big too. However, while not the absolute cheapest considering there are no trading fees on funds and the ability to start on a low regular amount for my kids monthly it makes this great value along with a great selection of funds. Reviewed on: 26th March 2022
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Alan Graham

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