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Based on 11 reviews, last reviewed 30th Nov 2022
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Worst customer service ever Would give ZERO stars if you let me. Sent forms to set up fixed rate bond account, as for 16 year old they required further ID. Sent 3 proofs within ... Read more Reviewed on: 30th November 2022
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Kent Reliance Bonds reviews (11)

Worst customer service ever

Would give ZERO stars if you let me. Sent forms to set up fixed rate bond account, as for 16 year old they required further ID. Sent 3 proofs within 10 days and had acknowledgement letter, 3 days later they return cheque saying they haven’t received ID and can’t open account! Phoned them to be held as number 58 in a queue! Instead sent letter explaining above and returned cheque and they totally ignored everything and returned it once again with a new application form for a lower rate bond and asking for ID again!!!! Now contacting financial ombudsman as this is a disgrace for future customers. Our money will be invested elsewhere now! Reviewed on: 30th November 2022
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Most dreadful customer service ever experienced in the banking system.

One year Bond rate at 4.46% good. Account set up on line runs smoothly. Communicating on line and by telephone dreadful. No replies through confidential operator chat lines. Phone calls to main line numbers and branch offices cut off after after engaging with the number. Hard copy letter confirming account received two days before deadline. All at a worrying time for the depositor. As Littlejohn said in the Daily Mail some weeks ago when writing about service companies " staff sitting at home eating hobnobs in their pyjamas, taking the kids to school and the dog for a walk". Makes you wonder doesn't it. Reviewed on: 28th November 2022

Gone downhill

As previous I was 2568 in queue at 08:15am. Eventually got given 4% 1 year fixed bond when website said 4.45. they took 9 days to reply to my message. Phoned 7 days into 14 day only 5th in queue...result....change of mind and took the lot out. Shame cos they were great until recently Reviewed on: 5th November 2022

Offered me a lower renewal rate than they offered on their website

Wrote to me about the maturity of my 1 year Fixed Rate Bond and offered me a renewal at 4.0%. When I checked the Kent Reliance website, they had a better rate at 4.45%. I E Mailed them to ask why they were not offering me the higher rate on their website. My husband received a call from their customer service department to advise that they would honour the new higher rate, but as the Bond was in my name, I would have to call them back. Impossible to get through to them on the 'phone, so I E Mailed them, messaged them and even wrote them a letter to confirm that I only wanted to renew if they would honour the new 4.45% rate. All these communications were completely ignored and Kent Reliance renewed at only 4.0%, completely ignoring my instructions! Unless they honour the promised higher rate, then I will invoke my 14 day cooling off period and insist that they refund the whole of my money. Not impressed with this company at all! Ann Bratley Reviewed on: 30th October 2022

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