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Total Rip off We purchased a property in 2008, we did not have a deposit, the mortgage was for £90,000, I'm currently paying an interest rate of 10.25 percent, I ra... Read more Reviewed on: 26th March 2024
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About the Mortgages

Kent Reliance is a banking services provider and specialist lender. The lender only accepts mortgage applications from qualified mortgage advisors. It’s important to be confident that you understand the Ts and Cs and interest rate of a mortgage. Always consult the lender or an independent advisor if you have any questions or need help understanding your options.

Buying your home will likely be the largest financial decision you make in your lifetime. That’s why it’s important to find the right lender and mortgage for your needs. We collect Kent Reliance mortgage reviews to give you valuable insight into life as a Kent Reliance borrower.

Find out from homeowners why they chose a mortgage with Kent Reliance. Read about the main pros and cons they’ve experienced to make an informed decision about whether the lender is right for you. Learn more about the support provided by the lender and how communicative it is with its borrowers. Browse through our Kent Reliance mortgage reviews to find the ones most useful to you.

Did Kent Reliance help you buy your home? Share your honest experience with the lender by writing a review on Smart Money People. What mortgage do you have and have you been satisfied with it throughout the term? Share your experience with the application process and how supportive you felt Kent Reliance was throughout it. Have you been kept up to date with any important mortgage news and changes? Would you recommend the lender and mortgage to your family and friends? Whether good or bad, leave a Kent Reliance mortgage review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Kent Reliance Mortgages reviews (29)

Total Rip off

We purchased a property in 2008, we did not have a deposit, the mortgage was for £90,000, I'm currently paying an interest rate of 10.25 percent, I rang today and asked for the settlement amount and it's going to cost me more to pay it off then stay with them, I hate this company, they have ripped us off so much over the years with interest and you only hear from them if you are a few pounds short of their direct debit as you forgot to change the amount with your bank - thank goodness I only have £20,000 left to pay! Kent Reliance you are the worst bank ever, I will have a party once this amount is paid as it's like having a credit card, you can't get rid of the damn initial debt. Reviewed on: 26th March 2024
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Kent UNreliance

Unfortunately have to leave this bad review about this company,but it would be fair. I read a lot of bad reviews and was still hopeful it's not gonna happen with me. We had a mortgage AIP with them , which took 7 days to get through, as it went to underwriters, as a specialist lender they are working with people like us, who has some adverse credit history in past. They knew all our circumstances, issued AIP, then went for a full mortgage offer, paid £500 for valuation, credit check, affordability is all good , we had couple of late payments in past , which are expiring in 5 (!!!) days and we have received a NO from them after 3 weeks of wasting our time and been advised to re-apply after these will expire, taking in account fact , that our house is not built until August this year, which is another 7-8 months to go, they couldn't even give an exception for that silly mistake which expires soon. I will definitely raise an appeal and if needed will reach to CEO and FCA, as this is unfair and we were overjudged. They saying about flexible approach on their website , but it's absolutely not flexible, as they asked us to accept higher fixed rate over longer period and we accepted it. if we wouldn't have small issues in past, we wouldnt got with Kent ever, but only because they are adverse specialists, we had to and didn't know they will get us picked for one small thing of returned DD, which was paid ON TIME later and didn't even cause any late payment. Other than that we fit into their criteria listed on the website + we have a stable income, been working in the same place for 12 years, we have a deposit, on existing mortgage in 7 years never missed a payment ever. e We are serious buyers with stable income well above average and we have a disabled child, who is desperately waiting for her own room in a new house and now I have so say "No" to her, because suddenly KR is becoming very picky around failed DD, so it's a massive let down from their side, especially after a long wait and they could do a small exception around those 5 days, especially house will be only ready in 7-8 months time. Reviewed on: 17th January 2024
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Company had given two mortgages and refused third with no changes to the company, completely unprofessional and just here to waste peoples time Do not use plea t if professional lenders out there Reviewed on: 9th August 2023
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Shannon Michael

Beware , would not go near this company

This company cost me alot of money due to negligent behaviour and even lied to me..I would avoid at all costs. Reviewed on: 18th April 2023
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Ian Bullock

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