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319 reviews

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Very good mobile banking.

I'm using this bank for a year. I feel very Easy to set up and use.

Reviewed on 21st April 2022
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Kroo is helping me build my credit

Kroo's partnership with LOQBOX is helping me grow my UK credit, and I couldn't be more thankful :)

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
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Nicholas Bryson

Very happy with Kroo

It’s amazing I’m very happy with it

Reviewed on 2nd April 2022
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Elektrone Protone Neotrone

Easy to use

Easy understand and Navigate on App. Instant messages on any movement on the account

Reviewed on 1st April 2022
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Yvonne Chisamba

Great bank for travelling

The zero fees abroad for both paying and withdrawing at ATMs makes it the perfect bank account for travelling!

Reviewed on 1st April 2022
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Puts their competitors to shame

Brilliant service, brilliant people, brilliant all round! Highly recommended to all my family and friends

Reviewed on 31st March 2022
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Kroo is perfect, I've got most of my friends and family on this app, it's genuinely just perfect, it's easy to use and I love it, wouldn't use anything else.

Reviewed on 31st March 2022
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Kyran Hensley


So helpful and unbelievably easy

Reviewed on 31st March 2022
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Liam smith

I like Kroo

Kroo is the best… it’s my first bank account and i love it.

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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A am so glad I chose to bank with kroo been really repairable

I love how helpful us are and how easy the app is to us

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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Cameron bekker

Clear and simple

Easy to use. And easy to log in to. Very clear to follow

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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Kroo review

Kroo n their crew will get a 5star review Just join them sure u will give them one to

Reviewed on 30th March 2022

Great way to bank!

Kroo is amazing especially when you are spitting the bill or owe someone money or even when someone owes you as you can request the payment.

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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Really good and also easy to manage

Really recommend as I’ve been using for wile.

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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Kroo is an amazing bank Asda staff are very respectful and helpful

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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Jordan hoey

I not hawe money

Bickose I not hawe money and I not hitting 3 days

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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Kristian Love Julia

Social money made easy

Kroo is perfect when I’m splitting bills with friends, going on group holidays and general spending. Credit score tracking is a great add on as well.

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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I struggled to get a bank Kroo allowed me to do so. The only downside is the type of card but it has been great for me I have loved using Kroo and would definitely recommend.

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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louise wilson

Best start up bank innovative

The experience has been fresh and innovative exicted to see where this wi go

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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Easy to use App

I enjoy using this App. It makes handling money in a group so much easier. Plus, the debit card is environmentally friendly, a quality I value.

Reviewed on 29th March 2022
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Pramila Bharti