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Great app experience

Easy and simply to use, never got an app to split bills like that! I have groups with friends and partner and all are perfect balanced, no more worries with money!

Reviewed on 20th May 2021
Inayara Benjamim's avatar
Inayara Benjamim

Best bank, Great app

Making my life super easy when it comes to managing my finances or group spending but also making a positive impact in the environment

Reviewed on 17th April 2021
Roland H's avatar
Roland H

Great easy to use app.

Found it very easy to navigate and to use.

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Theodore Michael's avatar
Theodore Michael

Best bank I've used so far!

Really easy to settle up with friends.

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Tiffany Dumas's avatar
Tiffany Dumas

Smooth delivery, easy to use, what could be better!

My brother told me about this card and I love it. It's so easy to use. The app is well built. The instant bank transfer feature is neat.

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
James T's avatar
James T


The app design is perfect. The simplicity made it really easy to use for daily use. It works quickly with a high level of availability.

Reviewed on 9th April 2021
Pouriya Niknam's avatar
Pouriya Niknam

Awesome UX

The app is the phenomenal. Intuitive and beautiful looking too.

Reviewed on 7th April 2021
Duncan's avatar

Great app and service!

App is intuitive and customer service has been first class.

Reviewed on 6th April 2021
tamj's avatar

Absolutely amazing

Lost funds kroo bank went out of there way to help me get it all back

Reviewed on 28th March 2021
Ryan Stanton's avatar
Ryan Stanton


Nice Bank very quck transfered to another bank

Reviewed on 27th March 2021
Marcin Jedrasik's avatar
Marcin Jedrasik

Excellent company!

I love banking with them. Everything is so effortless and feels like I can truly focus on other tasks because banking is covered. I would recommend to all my friends and family to join Kroo!

Reviewed on 26th March 2021
Linda Braaten's avatar
Linda Braaten

Great Company Great People

I love Kroo! They do a great job and are always super helpful. Zain on their team is super attentive and does an excellent job!

Reviewed on 26th March 2021
John McNicholas's avatar
John McNicholas

Easy Communication

Easy to use and follow and excellent Customer Service.

Reviewed on 26th March 2021's avatar


Very efficient, easy to use. Would recommend to friends & family.

Reviewed on 26th March 2021
Ruth Rawji's avatar
Ruth Rawji

The future of banking is here

Easy to use app, excellent customer service. Kroo has really changed how I handle my money.

Reviewed on 26th March 2021
Amilia's avatar

First class establishment

Great experience with all interactions with Kroo, consistent quality service.

Reviewed on 26th March 2021
Dmc197's avatar

Great to use very helpful

Very quick responses helped me with any problems and very patient

Reviewed on 26th March 2021
Eva cumming's avatar
Eva cumming

Great Bank

Social bank with great customer service

Reviewed on 26th March 2021
Daniel's avatar

Efficient & Hassle free

Have used multiple competitors and Kroo is by far the best. Super easy to use!

Reviewed on 26th March 2021
JJames's avatar


The app is great with a good ui and is easy to use. The people are very responsive and helpful

Reviewed on 26th March 2021
Zak Valimahomed's avatar
Zak Valimahomed