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Based on 42 reviews, last reviewed 15th Apr 2024
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Professional operator We had been given a ridiculous price off the same company. We shopped around and got a better policy for £180 less. Really chuffed. X Reviewed on: 12th September 2023
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Alan Leivesley

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Marmalade created an insurance policy with different... Marmalade created an insurance policy with different details than what was submitted. This caused significant inconvenience. When I contacted them to ... Read more Reviewed on: 15th April 2024
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Tom A

About the Car Insurance

Car insurance is a necessity for all drivers, but finding the right policy for a younger driver can be difficult. At Smart Money People, we collect Marmalade car insurance reviews from genuine customers to give you some insight into what it’s like to be a Marmalade policyholder.

Marmalade was founded in 2006, specialising in car insurance for learner and young drivers, with various policies tailored towards this demographic, including black box, pay-as-you-go and student insurance. Marmalade also offers policies for more experienced drivers, which it classes as anybody over the age of 30 with five or more years of driving experience.

Marmalade provides a variety of policies to suit most young drivers, whatever their needs. With policies to cover you as a named driver on a parent’s car or temporary car insurance for students who don’t require an annual policy, most young drivers can find something to suit their requirements. Check out the Marmalade car insurance reviews on Smart Money People to see how genuine customers rate their policies with Marmalade.

Have you had a car insurance policy with Marmalade? Whether learner, young driver, student or experienced, we want to hear about your experience. What made you choose Marmalade as your car insurance provider? Were you satisfied with the level of cover you received for the price of the premium? Did you have to make a claim and if so, how well was it dealt with? Whether positive or not, leave a Marmalade car insurance review on Smart Money People today. Together, we can help people like you make better decisions.

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Marmalade Car Insurance reviews (42)

Marmalade created an insurance policy with different...

Marmalade created an insurance policy with different details than what was submitted. This caused significant inconvenience. When I contacted them to inform them of their mistake they told me to take out an additional insurance policu. Reviewed on: 15th April 2024
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Tom A

No refunds at all, steer clear.

No refunds at all, steer clear. Took out a learner policy for six months and wanted to cancel this for another car but was told that there are no refunds after 14 days. So if a learner passes half way through the policy the policy is then void and there are no refunds. If you want to change or cancel your policy at any time after 14 days.. no refunds. Dont make the same mistake I did. Reviewed on: 27th March 2024
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Will S

Avoid this unless insurance company.

Been insured with marmalade car insurance for 6 months with my current car. I pick my new car up in 4 days so went on the website to update new car details. Wouldn't work so did a live chat, after faffing around for 30 minutes they said they won't insure me with that new car. Now I'm 53 been driving for 30 years without a claim and they won't insure me for a 66 plate focus ?!?! Apparently they only deal with one insurer? What's all that about? Absolutely useless! Avoid Reviewed on: 9th February 2024
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Pay-as-you-go insurance - Beware

Got my son as a pay-as-you-go insurance with Marmalade in Sept 2023. First 1,000 miles was £1,500 and any additional 1,000 miles was £215. Fine, that seemed fair. Shortly after Christmas, Marmalade announced that there had been a mistake (!?!) in the calculation of the cost of additional miles and that we now had to pay £600 for any additional 1,000 miles. We complained the day after we received their email. We still haven't reached a resolution. Very poor show. We are now having to seek insurance from somewhere else and have very little to show for the £2,000+ that we paid them for 3 months worth of insurance. Reviewed on: 19th January 2024
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