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Feel good about where your savings are invested Easy to set up savings ISA. The phone app works fine Reviewed on: 13th March 2023

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So glad Triodos exists I love Triodos, the bank that brings me transparency about where my money is used. They align with my values. And did you know that Triodos is best b... Read more Reviewed on: 21st January 2023
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Triodos Bank Ethical Cash ISAs reviews (1012)

Feel good about where your savings are invested

Easy to set up savings ISA. The phone app works fine Reviewed on: 13th March 2023

ISA with excellent ethics

I’m delighted to know my tax free savings have ethical and social value, thanks to the Triodos Bank commitment to ensure money saved has a purpose. With environmental and social projects benefiting from the investment my savings also share the interest by achieving valuable outcomes I support. The transparency means investments are known and I can see reports of what the projects my money supports are achieving means it’s just about the only way I can know what a bank is doing with my money - it’s an exceptional commitment by any bank to using money for positive purposes. I’d happily recommend people use Triodos as their bank if they care about society and the planet. Reviewed on: 8th February 2023

best in Britain

See title above. If there's a better British bank I'd like to know. Reviewed on: 5th February 2023

Piece of Mind for my Family

Having been with other banks who never offered me anything truly inspiring or radically different I decided, spurred on by starting a family, to do something about it. Putting my children’s savings into an ISA account with Triodos simply offered me piece of mind that through their transparency policy that our money was never used in investments other than for good. A no nonsense bank that offer simple ethical banking Reviewed on: 4th February 2023

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