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Latest highest rating: 5

Keeps your money safe! Stops you sending money to fraudsters Reviewed on: 13th September 2022

Latest lowest rating: 1

Public Complaint The Coop Bank has recently had a new online banking system. A perfect example of how to make a 'not very good system' into something dreadful. Apar... Read more Reviewed on: 14th December 2016
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The Co-operative Bank Deposit Account reviews (7)

Keeps your money safe!

Stops you sending money to fraudsters Reviewed on: 13th September 2022

One of the first ethical banks

I remember years ago Co-Op's bank advertising how they don't invest in dicatorships and un-ethical practices so when I had extra funds it was a no-brainer to open an account. In fact one of the 24 charities I fund - Greenpeace - not only have accounts with Co-Op but when one of their video's notified me of another banks practices I moved money immediately into a Co-Op account. I'll always have Co-Op as one of my chosen banks and am proud of that Reviewed on: 15th March 2022

Banked with them for 35 years

I have banked with the coop for over 35 years now and never had an issue with them only wish they hadn’t closed all local banks to me, however as I am able to bank through the post office it’s not been an issue Reviewed on: 9th February 2020

Welcomes all.

Too much debt for other banks etc. DRO in place but still they allowed me to open a deposit account. Reviewed on: 8th February 2020
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