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Based on 12 reviews, last reviewed 26th Oct 2022
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Easy going Always someone to talk to if you have a question and all my queries were solved over the phone Reviewed on: 1st June 2017

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SHOCKINGLY BAD They make incorrect charges on your account and you can't get hold of them!! you've been warned Reviewed on: 26th October 2022
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About the Everyday Credit Card

Creation Everyday Credit Card reviews can help you to find out about the pros and cons of the Everyday Credit Card credit card. What kind of features do Creation customers like? Find out more about the Creation Everyday Credit Card by reading our trusted Smart Money People reviews. You can also write your own Creation Everyday Credit Card reviews to share your own experience with Smart Money People, the UK's leading financial services review site. Together, we can make financial services work better for everyone.

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Creation Everyday Credit Card reviews (12)


They make incorrect charges on your account and you can't get hold of them!! you've been warned Reviewed on: 26th October 2022
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Work well when no problems

No issues with Creation when using the card and the app has a lot of good features, however whenever there are problems trying to actually get them to answer emails or even pick up the phone is a nightmare. Unless they sort customer service then I would avoid. Reviewed on: 11th January 2022

the worst company ever!

do not trust this company! the worst experience ever! Reviewed on: 13th June 2020
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Dreadful and ruthless customer service

Shocking customer service and ruthless in collecting late payments. Beware that they operate the old 3 day (at least) clearing system for payments. No fast payments here! Do not touch them with a barge pole unless you have to. I have (had) a IHG credit card which is provided by Creation. the only reason I took out the card was to collect IHG points. I pay my card off in full every month but last month I was charged £14 late payment. My payment left my bank on the 12th and arrived at Creation on the 15th which was apparently 1 day late. I received my statement on the 25th April and rang the call centre when I was told to write an email showing proof of my payment date. I did this on the 25th April (the date of my statement). No response for a few days so I called again on the 1st May and was told it would take 7 working days to consider. No response by 8th May so I called again as my next payment for May is due. Very friendly agent who could not help me and referred to her supervisor who told me I must make the late payment. I paid over the phone and immediately closed my account. Reviewed on: 8th May 2019

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