Mortgage Lender Benchmark – H1 2022

Smart Money People’s Mortgage Lender Benchmark H1 2022 is now available.

The Benchmark is the largest piece of independent lender research carried out in the industry using broker feedback, and provides unique and actionable insight into the UK mortgage market.

The H1 2022 edition, released on 20th June 2022, includes in-depth data and insight from over 650 brokers, who were asked to leave feedback for the last five lenders they’ve placed cases with. This means that over 3,000 individual pieces of feedback were received from intermediaries, with coverage across 99 UK lenders.

Key findings

  • Overall satisfaction with lenders has remained level, down only 0.1% to 81.2%
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) is down 0.3 points on H2 2021 at +26.8. Scores ranged from -50.0 to +80.0 for the lenders in the report.
  • Building societies are the top rated sector for broker satisfaction
  • Specialist lenders are on the up, with satisfaction improving for a fourth consecutive edition
  • Broker ratings for lifetime lenders have fallen, with lifetime lenders’ operational speed seeing the biggest hit to broker satisfaction

New for H1 2022 is the analysis of the following key questions:

  • What challenges do brokers think clients will face with the cost of living crisis and how can lenders provide support?
  • Is there a demand for green mortgages, and what do lenders think of the green mortgages currently available?
  • What features of Buy to Let mortgages do brokers find valuable and what would they like to see introduced?

You can download a free summary version of the report for H1 2022 here or visit our blog to read a more in-depth overview of key findings for this edition.

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The Mortgage Lender Benchmark full report for H1 2022 is available to purchase now. Prices start from:

  • Full Mortgage Lender Benchmark report: from £1,400
  • Copy of the lender broker verbatim supplied as a spreadsheet: from £500
  • Technology edition: from £650
  • Copy of technology broker verbatim supplied as a spreadsheet: from £150

We also offer the capability for lenders to run their own survey with us to boost their volume of responses and capture lender-specific feedback. Prices for this start from £800, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

All prices are exclusive of VAT, which will be applied at the current rate of 20%.

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