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Had this mortgage And never regretted it. Shame BMR+2% no longer available. Reviewed on: 30th March 2023
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Nick Childs

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Mortgage over a phone! I always loved nationwide and banked with therm for 20 years until I recently tried to move my mortgage and they won't let me cone in to see a mortgag... Read more Reviewed on: 15th February 2016
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Vicky Dunn

About the Tracker Rate Mortgage

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Nationwide Tracker Rate Mortgage reviews (29)

Had this mortgage

And never regretted it. Shame BMR+2% no longer available. Reviewed on: 30th March 2023
Nick Childs's avatar
Nick Childs

competitive tracker rates

offered a competitive & best mortgage tracker with no fees. Reviewed on: 16th March 2023
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Rupam Pal

Easy to deal with

Quick and easy to set up mortgage and easy to make overpayments and phone lines easy to get through on. Reviewed on: 9th March 2023
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Excellent product

We have held our mortgage with Nationwide for over 22 years now. We have always received excellent mortgage advice and have been on a lifetime tracker for many years. This product has always performed well and given the ups and downs of the economy, even in recent times with high Bank of England interest rates our increase on mortgage cost have only been modest. Excellent online and in branch support. Reviewed on: 18th January 2023

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