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Good solid product not so solid website NS&I may not be the trendiest or most eye catching financial institution but it has to be the most secure and dependable cos it's the Government. Inte... Read more Reviewed on: 12th January 2017
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val winter

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Refuse access to funds and close account Would be zero stars if possible. .... I tried to close my income bond and was told I would not be able to close the account or have access to my savin... Read more Reviewed on: 2nd December 2021
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Jen S

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NS&I Income Bonds reviews (14)

Refuse access to funds and close account

Would be zero stars if possible. .... I tried to close my income bond and was told I would not be able to close the account or have access to my savings until their 'interest calculation' period had passed. This apparently lasts for 21 days of every month. How is this even legal? ..... And my balance is too low to even get interest - how is that legal either? .... Furthermore, despite lodging a request to close the account, NS&I refuse to act on it when the 'calculation period' is completed, and you just have to remember to request again. .... Utterly shambolic. Formal complain process has begun. I imagine I am en route to complaining to the Financial Ombudsman. Reviewed on: 2nd December 2021
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Jen S

Scammers the wont let you cash in your money

Have a very old account with NSI wanted to cash it in. Sound their website frustrating and useless. They give you email; chat and phone options that they do not reply to. Emails ignored, to busy ALWAYS to chat, leave you for an hour on holding on phone and as soon as you get through they cut you off. Trying to get resolver to help now, but that will take months as they plane covid. Been trying to get my money back since 12/1/21. DO NOT GO NEAR THESE PROPLE. I WOULDN'T GIVE THEM ANY STARS. Reviewed on: 26th February 2021
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Sam Kerr

They've lost £500 sent to them ... unbelievably bad crowd

£500 was sent to them three weeks ago but still hasn't been credited to my account. Each time I phone it takes best part of an hour to get through. Their chat service is not working, and they don't accept emails. You can’t use their Message service as it’s just from them to you. Absolute nightmare to deal with. I've complained to the Ombudsman, see what that does. Next step Small Claims Court. I can understand all the other appalling reviews. Reviewed on: 11th December 2020
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The biggest bunch of chancers since the Labour party

Invest with these idiots at your peril. These so called "customer service" cases were obviously cut from the same cloth or went to the same school judging how they treat investors. The same obnoxious school that turns out these 9 to 5 menial types for these large corporations, hence why people end up stressed because these prats can't grasp the fact that sometimes customers actually require a manager or someone with an IQ to deal with some issues. Invested fortunes over the years and still get treated like shit. They can't even action requests for cash withdrawals without many lengthy calls that go no where, hence creating aggressive behaviour. NEVER give these people your bank details because bank transfers end up in no mans land and you end up between NS&I and your bank trying to trace your money, which both deny they have. These obnoxious types totally refuse your request to speak to someone with a brain as its "company policy" NOT to do so, thus protecting even bigger idiots to stay calm in their ivory towers polishing their chairs with their arses and trying to look important. The CEO is about as much use as a dog with wheels and has the same attitude as Gerald Ratner towards his many wage & pension paying customers. If you choose to invest, contact companies house to get as much info on these people and where they live so you can collect your money in person if required via debt recovery companies or legal action. The sooner this company fails, the better off customers will be protected!!! Reviewed on: 9th December 2020
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Ray P

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