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Sainsburys Bank: Cash Passport MasterCard reviews

Based on 33 reviews, last reviewed 24th Sep 2023
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Hopeless Avoid as some large companies such as Celebrity Cruises do not accept it. Staff at bank unhelpful. Had an issue and to resolve it had to involve my ... Read more Reviewed on: 24th September 2023
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Stuart Hallahan

About the Cash Passport MasterCard

Looking for a prepaid card for travelling? Read our community Sainsbury’s Cash Passport reviews to see what using the card is really like. Whether you're using the card for a week in Spain, or for a round the world adventure, our reviews will help you decide on the best prepaid card for your needs. Already have an Sainsbury’s Cash Passport Mastercard? Write a review of your own and share your experiences of using the card.

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Sainsburys Bank Cash Passport MasterCard reviews (33)


Avoid as some large companies such as Celebrity Cruises do not accept it. Staff at bank unhelpful. Had an issue and to resolve it had to involve my Member of Parliament. Never again. Reviewed on: 24th September 2023
Stuart Hallahan's avatar
Stuart Hallahan

Appalling that Sainsbury put their name to this garbage

App doesn't work. Cannot top up the account.....continuously gives 'error message' .....this is appalling. Shame on you Sainsburys........I am cancelling my credit card with you and shopping elsewhere from now on as well. Bloody disgraceful company. Reviewed on: 27th July 2023
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Paul Ledden

STAY CLEAR! Rubbish card.

NO STARS! I avail of a lot of Sainsburys banking services and decided to get a Sainsburys Bsnk Travel money card for my holiday abroad. WARNING-. WISH I HAD READ THESE REVIEWS FIRST!!! it would not work on holiday in restaurants or autobanks. Message kept saying 'card default' . ,'your card is not accepted at this machine', 'inability to process chip ', 'your transaction failed'. So embarrassing and had to borrow money from family.Arrived home. Sainsburys showed little interest,.Nightmare then dealing with Mastercard customer services and tryiing to get my money back. I stood my ground as they were trying to give me rubbish exchange rate.Mastercard customer service in another country so nightmare trying to even understand or converse with them in English on the phone. SHOCKING SERVICE, RUBBISH CARD, ONLY PLACE IT'S GOING IS IN THE BIN. Sainsburys need to STOP offering customers this service. AVOID AT ALL COSTSS!!! Only give 1 star to verify review..doesn't deserve any!!!! Reviewed on: 25th July 2023
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Dreadful do not use

This card beggars belief. The help desk may as well be closed down. It’s is not uk based and the staff cannot speak or understand English. The card is not reliable and has caused embarrassment when it has been declined even though there were funds on it. Topping up is well nigh impossible. The app does not work so it’s necessary to go through the bank via google. I tried to close the account and asked for my money to be put back into my account fortunately I had the foresight to ask what I would get back and couldn’t believe my ears when I was told I’d lose nearly £200 in the transaction. I am abroad at the moment with a loaded card but unable to access any of my funds as my card keeps showing zero. Further investigation is needed into this bank of fraudsters and charlatans. Go elsewhere for your travel money card. DO NOT USE OR USE AT YOUR PERIL READ ALL OF THE OTHER REVIEWS. I wish I had! Reviewed on: 11th May 2023
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Dottie Mitchell

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