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Scottish Widows: Pension reviews

Based on 60 reviews, last reviewed 28th Feb 2024
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Great customer and digital services Switched all my pensions to my workplace pension with Scottish Widows. Such a smooth process, I was kept well informed throughout. Their app is great,... Read more Reviewed on: 12th January 2022
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Jonny West

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No customer service. Ignore ombudsman decisions I totally agree with Rob and Dave. I first wrote over a year ago to Scottish widows and have yet to have them engage with me and implement the financi... Read more Reviewed on: 28th February 2024
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Scottish Widows pension reviews written by Smart Money People like you. For many of us, our pension is an important part of our financial future. Finding a pension provider that you can trust and rely on is a must for many people. Take a look at our Scottish Widows pension reviews to find out what life at Scottish Widows is really like. If you hold this pension, we'd love you to write an honest review here too!

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Scottish Widows Pension reviews (60)

No customer service. Ignore ombudsman decisions

I totally agree with Rob and Dave. I first wrote over a year ago to Scottish widows and have yet to have them engage with me and implement the financial ombudsman decision which should have been done by 24/11/23. They simply sit on customer money and profit from it. I can only suggest get your MP to make them accountable. Reviewed on: 28th February 2024
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THE WORST COMPANY IVE EVER DEALT WITH. Utterly useless. I have spent 10 weeks and 7 phones calls to merely ask where my money is at and no one can give me an answer. No one ever calls me back and the call center staff are unable to connect me to anyone to help. I ask to be escalated to a manager and never anyone available. I’m not asking much and they are uttlerly usless. Still now 11 weeks down the track and I’m no wiser. I send a email and they say it will be between 3 and 10 days to reply. It’s 2023 you people - the world has the internet now - look into it. They should be investigated as something is terribly wrong with that company. Reviewed on: 19th December 2023
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David Fox


I am trying to opt out after being auto-enrolled and have not had any correspondence hence no policy number. The phone line won't put you through without a ploicy number so i spent hours making them up in order to get through. The rep i spoke to said he would trnafer me to the right team and i spent nearly an hour with him coming back to me whilst on hold to tell me we were still on hold, once we got through he could hear the other team but i couldn't, then sounding frustrated with it, he hung up!!!!!! Now I'm back to square one, you're taking my money but won't speak to me as I don't have a policy number as you haven't sent any documents. ABSOLUTE TOTAL DISGRACE - I guess you'l be taking my money now for the rest of my career and I'll never be able to speak to you about it and just accept it's gone forever!!! Reviewed on: 30th October 2023
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Rob Curtis

If one could give negative stars one would

Utterly terrible performing funds we have been burdened with by our company. Totally and utterly inept. Reviewed on: 8th October 2023
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John G

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