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Great customer and digital services Switched all my pensions to my workplace pension with Scottish Widows. Such a smooth process, I was kept well informed throughout. Their app is great,... Read more Reviewed on: 12th January 2022
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Jonny West

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Scandalous Pension Protector Fund Series 3 How can a company lose so much of their customers' money in a so called Pension 'Protector'? They must be incompetent. Wish I'd never heard of Scott... Read more Reviewed on: 20th April 2023
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Scottish Widows pension reviews written by Smart Money People like you. For many of us, our pension is an important part of our financial future. Finding a pension provider that you can trust and rely on is a must for many people. Take a look at our Scottish Widows pension reviews to find out what life at Scottish Widows is really like. If you hold this pension, we'd love you to write an honest review here too!

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Scottish Widows Pension reviews (53)

Scandalous Pension Protector Fund Series 3

How can a company lose so much of their customers' money in a so called Pension 'Protector'? They must be incompetent. Wish I'd never heard of Scottish Widows, avoid! The website is very user unfriendly and gives you scant information on how your funds are doing, although I can tell from my ever decreasing pension balance. Sort yourselves out Scottish Widows, you are supposed to grow your clients' money, not lose it! Reviewed on: 20th April 2023
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Amazingly poor performance

I get that the markets have been less than optimal over the past two years, however SW have completely amazed me with their inability to adapt as other providers have (I have other pots that have not been as bad as these guys). By bad, I mean I have been putting over 3k/month into the pension over the past two years and basically that 3k/month has pretty much been eaten up by the incompetent monster. Shockingly bad, however no choice as this is a company scheme. Actually working out how to ditch them. Reviewed on: 16th April 2023
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John G


i have been trying to sort my pension out now for 6 months. date of retirement was 18th march. and because of massive problems with scottish widows. have not received my pension. plus it looks like it could be another couple of months before receiving. i have been on phone every week for two hours at a time. nobody knows what the other has done. i was assured by assistants. i would be kept in touch. and haven’t. i moved another policy to them. and they have been sitting on my money for two months. on my interest. i want to be compensated Reviewed on: 3rd April 2023

Robbing over payed investors

Lost 40K from April 2021 till today, All my hard work which I could off invested better and I haven’t got degrees in business like these muppets. If an investment is not performing why keep throwing money into it . Reviewed on: 6th March 2023

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