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Good value Have used them a few times for my bike insurance, Always amongst the cheapest Reviewed on: 14th September 2021

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Shows how useless Trustpilot is All the fake reviews and awful names on Trustpilot. It's all paid for reviews, yes they exist. This company has been bad for over a decade. Zero he... Read more Reviewed on: 1st September 2023
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Swinton motorbike insurance reviews can help motorcyclists like you to find the best motorbike insurance provider. Take a look at our Swinton motorbike insurance reviews to find out what being with Swinton is like, for example, what is the claim's process like? YOUR reviews can help other motorcyclists to find this out...so write your review today! Together, we can make financial services work better for everyone.

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Swinton Insurance Bike Insurance reviews (9)

Shows how useless Trustpilot is

All the fake reviews and awful names on Trustpilot. It's all paid for reviews, yes they exist. This company has been bad for over a decade. Zero help, horrible employees and useless when they're actually needed too. It's worth paying a little more money to anyone else purely to not have to deal with Swinton. Reviewed on: 1st September 2023
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Wasted 30 mins of my life that I will never get back. Overseas "customer service" is a joke. The phone "verification " meaningless as all the questions are asked again, so whats the point.....Deliberatly kept on hold despite being told...I have your policy...then asked, have you made changes...WELL youve just read my policy you said.....I have never come across a worse company re insurance Reviewed on: 6th June 2023
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Appalling servive

Following an accident my motorbike was sent by yourselves for repair/assessment and was subsequently written of by 4th dimension, my policy details are attached along with the the BER notification from your repairers. I have be waiting over 4 weeks for a refund payment but have not received it and have had no update regarding my case. I have contacted Swinton claims and Ageas (who I believe are the underwriters and are supposedly dealing with my claim) no one is responding to my calls or emails and no one is taking any responsibility for dealing with my requests for an update. Being without my only method of transport is having a detrimental effect on my life and is impairing my ability to work. The lack of communication from yourselves is absolutely disgraceful 'customer service'. I took out my insurance policy with yourselves believing you to be a reputable company but your actions with my claim has led me to feel you are money grabbing, dishonest and unreliable. I will be making sure none of my family and friends ever insure anything through yourselves. I require an answer regarding date, amount and method of the write off payment by 2pm on Wednesday 18th January or I will be seeking legal advice. Reviewed on: 17th January 2023

Thieving and untrustworthy

Useless company to deal with, they tried to I say that I had made a claim when I hadn't. And doubled my already over expensive policy. Reviewed on: 5th November 2022

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