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Piece of Mind Complete coverage at a reasonable price. Reviewed on: 23rd August 2023

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Total rip-off Went with this company for my car insurance as their quote was the lowest on Compare the Market. Unfortunately after signing up and paying, and with t... Read more Reviewed on: 16th October 2023

About the Car Insurance

We collect Swinton car insurance reviews to give you insight into what you can expect as a Swinton Insurance policyholder.

Swinton was founded in 1957 and by 1987 had 220 branches nationwide. Swinton now offers a variety of motor insurance policies, with all comprehensive policies including a promise of market value payouts.

We all prioritise different things from a car insurance policy, so check customer reviews first to see if a company can meet your requirements. Perhaps your main concern is a wide range of additional extras that can be added to your policy? Or you may simply be looking for the highest level of protection within your budget. Read the Swinton car insurance reviews on Smart Money People to see how genuine customers rate their policies with Swinton.

Have you had a car insurance policy with Swinton? Were you satisfied with the cost of your premium? Was the sign-up process simple? Did you have any experience with the customer service team? Did you have to make a claim, and if so, how well was it handled? Whether good or bad, share your experience with others by writing a Swinton car insurance review today. Together, we can help people like you make better decisions.

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Swinton Insurance Car Insurance reviews (102)

Total rip-off

Went with this company for my car insurance as their quote was the lowest on Compare the Market. Unfortunately after signing up and paying, and with the insurance already in place, they emailed to say there was "something they needed to check" so we had to call them. They then proceeded to tell us that there was an "at fault" claim for one of the named drivers back in 2019, which was a total lie as the driver never made such claim and their current policy clearly shows 5 years no claim, as we had honestly declared in the application. They tried to say this non-existent claim would raise the premium by £65! Naturally I said they can keep their policy and that I wanted to cancel while still within the cooling off period, so I can go with the next cheapest provider on the Compare the Market list which was only £15 more expensive, but hopefully more honest. I was charged a £25 cancellation fee which was ridiculous, but I paid it on principle. Clearly their tactic is to lure you in with the cheapest quote and then make something up to increase the premium once they've got you. I'm surprised by all the positive reviews on other sites, but most are probably fake, or maybe they just choose to rip off the occasional customer. Well they won't have my well earned money, but they can have this 1 star review instead. And there's more coming. So for the £25 they got from me, they'll get a lot of bad publicity. Terrible business sense. They are a total rip-off company and I'll complain to Compare the Market about them. Stay clear! Reviewed on: 16th October 2023

Steep increase at renewal

I cannot understand why I am being asked to pay a 40% increase without any claims and no change in my policy. Daylight robbery!! Reviewed on: 1st September 2023
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Diabolical, avoid at all costs. Rip off

Cancelled insurance due to selling car. 1 hour on phone on top of the nearly 2 hours the day before. Extortionate fees for leaving, I spoke to numerous advisors and the amount I would have to pay to cancel kept changing depending on who I spoke to. Sadly the advisors did not have a clue and thought it strange that I would like to know how they worked out what I was due back. I think I may have developed a stomach ulcer through sheer frustration. Please avoid and don't be fooled into thinking you have the best price because you sure won't get the best customer service. Sadly I can't leave no stars (which would be generous) Reviewed on: 24th August 2023
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Lee George

Poor and confusing communication

Processing a claim has been stressful, confusing and no communication or updates from Swinton. Having to 'chase things up' all throughout the claim. Reviewed on: 23rd August 2023

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