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I have found dealing with esure easy. I have found dealing with esure easy. The staff are friendly and answer my queries really well. I have also found their online services easy to use. I... Read more Reviewed on: 15th February 2024
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Appaulling customer service 5/6/7 hours on hold to b... Appaulling customer service 5/6/7 hours on hold to be cut off at 5 om when closing no reply to emails two weeks now and nothing .. DO NOT insure with ... Read more Reviewed on: 24th February 2024

About the Car Insurance

Here at Smart Money People, we collect Esure car insurance reviews from genuine customers to help you make an informed decision when selecting your next provider.

Esure was founded in 2000, but quickly grew. As well as selling insurance policies directly to customers, by 2011 it also allowed insurance brokers to sell its products too. The company offers car, home and travel insurance policies, with varying levels of cover available when insuring a vehicle. Esure also offers a multi car policy and insurance for electric vehicles.

Are you looking to insure an electric car? See what our Smart Money People community have to say about Esure’s electric car insurance by checking out the reviews. Perhaps you need cover for your car key, or want the security of misfuelling cover. What about legal protection, or breakdown cover? Whatever you need from a policy, read the Esure car insurance reviews to see how real customers have rated their policies with the brand.

Have you had a car insurance policy with Esure? Consider leaving an honest review to help us increase trust and transparency in financial services. Tell us how you found the sign-up process - was it simple, or did it perhaps take slightly longer than you’d anticipated? Were you satisfied with the cost of the premium for the level of cover you received? Did you have to make a claim, and if so, how well did Esure deal with it? Write an Esure car insurance review today to help other drivers just like you.

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Esure Car Insurance reviews (343)

Appaulling customer service 5/6/7 hours on hold to b...

Appaulling customer service 5/6/7 hours on hold to be cut off at 5 om when closing no reply to emails two weeks now and nothing .. DO NOT insure with this company shocking customer service may be cheap but that’s the only good thing about them Reviewed on: 24th February 2024

Please DONT use them. Absolutely no customer service.

Absolute joke from start to well its still not resolved. Car was stolen from outside my drive outside my house on November- arguably, that wasn’t the most stressful thing to have happened- dealing with ESure was and still is. I am thousands out of pocket and that’s no just the car! Waited literally hours on the phone to try to get through to someone. Tried to get hire car. Even though supposed to be within 24 hours, was days afterwards as authorisation from email never came through. This was even after repeated calls. Tried online chat bot and equally bad. Hours waiting to be cut off. Same as on phone. I have literally emailed 30 times with just 2 responses. Have telephoned around 20 times. Now phone every week with lots of promises from call centre staff but nothing! Then have to repeat all following week. My phone bill for calling Esure was an extra £75 last month. Only call centre seems to be in South Africa with bad lines and repeated failing. I even tried to lodge a complaint but they couldn't even do that properly. I could go on. But Please Please don’t use. Avoid. Even if it means paying a little extra! Reviewed on: 23rd February 2024
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This is the worst insurance company

This is the worst insurance company This is the worst insurance company. At first everything looked great, they offered not bad price and got everything done quickly. When my wife got her license half a year later, they doubled the insurance. 1000 pounds turned into 2000 thousand. Soon, unfortunately, my wife got into an accident due to the fault of another driver who did not let her pass when she was driving on the main road with a green light. We provided evidence from dash cam. The video shows the opponent's fault. At the moment (21.02.23), 5 months have passed since the accident, there is still no result. It's time for me to renew the insurance on my work car, but since there is an open case, my insurance has increased by £1000, and I wasn’t even driving the car that was involved in the accident. In a month, I need to renew the insurance for a car that was in an accident; the price will be increased again, since there is no solution to the accident. This is some kind of robbery, the insurance company is deliberately delaying even the most obvious consideration of the case with video evidence in order to increase payments. I work 18 hours, I barely have enough money for my family, I spent many years of savings on an old car(2012) to make it easier for my wife to take care of the children. But the insurance company forces me to work 24 hours a day just to pay them, and they will sit for years looking at obvious accidents without victims. On my only day off I tried to contact the company (1pm) and find out when there would be a decision on our case, I waited on the phone for 40 minutes, then I started writing in the chat and wasted 6 hours on numerous correspondence in vain. There is not one email address on the site where you can write a complaint. Each staff will transfer you to some other department, and then they will tell you that their working hours are over, write to us tomorrow. I need to take a month off to get through to the right department. I strongly recommend that you avoid this company, you won’t find a simpler case than ours, but they are still delaying the decision in order to rip off as much as possible from you, and also other companies will screw you if you have more than one car in the family. This is a conspiracy to rip off all drivers. 22/02/2024 We can’t get through on the phone, every time we connect to the claims department, they hang up on the phone. Our unfinished business is displayed in the system as Our fault, but this is 100% not true. In the chats I was told that the case is still under consideration and no decision has been made. Reviewed on: 22nd February 2024
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Avoid at all costs!

Twice I've had to phone this company (Saturday and today) in the 3 years I've been with them and I am appalled. Due to customer service they don't even deserve the 1 star I have given. Poor advice given by an agent Saturday who told me to cancel my insurance with them then take out new cover (only to discover this is not an option due to maintenance at the moment) he refused to re-instate and took no responsibility for giving me this advice. Then today when explaining to another staff member what had happened and how I've had no documents to prove it's been cancelled she was down right rude, when I told her I wanted to speak to her manager she point blank refused and began accusing me of shouting at her. when I asked the woman to slow down when spelling her name and when on loud speaker myself and 3 other people couldn't catch the whole spelling of her name due to her spelling it so fast, she then began shouting at me and constantly cutting me off when I was trying to talk to her. Abruptly then saying one letter every time I tried to speak! I will never recommend this company to anyone and glad to have found (cheaper) cover with Ageas, and their customer service after 1 day already tops Esure! Reviewed on: 19th February 2024

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