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Good cover Great cover, good prices and good customer service Reviewed on: 16th July 2019
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Laura Mason

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Stay away Had leak under sink, damage to kitchen floor. Used every excuse they could think of not to pay out. Sent out home validation solutions to check proble... Read more Reviewed on: 13th May 2023

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Esure home insurance reviews can tell you how good this product really is. How quickly did you get the policy documents? How well did Esure handle your home insurance claim? Our Esure home insurance reviews can help you to find out this and much more. Have you ever had a policy with Esure? You can tell us about it by writing your own review below.

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Esure Home Insurance reviews (54)

Stay away

Had leak under sink, damage to kitchen floor. Used every excuse they could think of not to pay out. Sent out home validation solutions to check problem, you should also read there reviews. Shocking. Currently going through ombudsman. Reviewed on: 13th May 2023


Have home insurance with esure and pay extra for home emergency cover.Had problem with door lock and straight away Esure took £25 excess.Sent an incompetent locksmith who destroyed my lock and left door insecure.Esure closed my claim the next day despite my complaint.I’m now left with a bigger problem and cost than I started with and paid excess too!They are happy to take your premium but don’t want to help when you need them.Avoid them at all cost.Useless. Reviewed on: 4th January 2023

Fraudster and rogue company AVOID!

Have been insured for 30 years+ at various properties and when insured through esure home insurance. Encountered a leak through kitchen ceiling from the bathroom. Esure sent a surveyor from BVS who were total liars said to us on day happy to repair but downplayed the amount of damage once we obtained quotes used various excuses ie hiuse not occupied,failed sealant, plumber who has quoted is not reliable, damp shows pre existing(which turned out to be breach of dpc) they are total liars and failed to quote. Took 18 months with the ombudsman and proved that they didn't even remove the bath panel at the minimum to check area of leak yet made so many fabricated accusations all which were proven to be lies. Complaint upheld by ombudsman and work completed having to pay myself initially. Do yourself a favour and avoid this fraud organisation who are happy to take payment but will not pay under any circumstance. Reviewed on: 19th December 2022
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Had someone out to repair a leaked pipe in August due to a soaking wet worktop falling on a pipe. Came quite quickly to repair. Decided then to have a new kitchen fitted shortly after but builder couldn’t come until end of October/ Nov . He started one side of kitchen but then when he came to put units in the side where the leak had been he found the pipe still leaking . He repaired the leak but found that because the pipe had been leaking for the last 3 months the floorboards were all spongey and damaged. Got in touch with Esure they said in three days the complaints will be in touch which they were. They then told me I couId have to wait up to 8 weeks for them to look at pictures of damage and then they wouldn’t send anyone out but our builder would be able to do it after the Loss adjuster gives it the go ahead and they would reimburse the builder . I have now sent 4 emails and last Friday they sd the complaints would be in touch ?? It’s someone to come out and look it’s dangerous if anyone stood on it like my husband is 73 a vulnerable person who has had 5 heart attacks and has a heart defibrillator fitted. We have now got a rat coming up where the damage is and my wall needs replastering cos of the wet and had to get pest control out today. They just seem to pass everything over to the complaints and I am absolutely stressed up cos I want my builder to finish this asap but they don’t seem to care . We have now been living without a sink for 3 months due to the worktop collapsing so only why we can wash pots and fill the kettle is by doing it in the bathroom . Giving a few days and then going to report to Financial ombudsman because we shouldn’t be left to live like this and especially in my husbands bad healrh. Reviewed on: 28th November 2022

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