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Based on 11 reviews, last reviewed 7th Jul 2023
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A Surprisingly Positive Experience I never thought my life would come to writing a good review of an insurance company but here we are... You'd think that a black box policy at a low (... Read more Reviewed on: 11th December 2020
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Michael Penston

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No good insurance it just crazy insurance My insurance been cancelled just 4weeks before the expiry they didn’t give me no claim 1year just I wanna to let everybody knows don’t trust that comp... Read more Reviewed on: 7th July 2023
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About the Smart Wheels

As a young driver, finding a suitable insurance policy can be a challenge. With a variety of providers offering policies tailored for new drivers, how can you be sure which is the best for you? Here at Smart Money People, we collect MORE THAN Smart Wheels car insurance reviews to help you make an informed decision about your new provider.

Smart Wheels is a black box policy, meaning a small telematics device would be fitted to your car in order to track certain statistics as you drive. Smart Wheels claims to have no fines or premium increases, as well as no curfew. You can view your stats via the MORE THAN Smart Wheels app which displays as an online dashboard. Safe drivers are rewarded with a lower renewal cost.

Young driver insurance policies can be expensive, as new drivers are typically a higher risk on the road. Policies such as Smart Wheels allow new drivers to earn rewards for safe driving, by providing a cheaper renewal cost. This can be very beneficial for young drivers. Check out our MORE THAN Smart Wheels car insurance reviews to see how genuine customers rate their Smart Wheels policies.

Have you taken out a policy with MORE THAN Smart Wheels? Share your honest experience with our Smart Money People so we can help people like you make better decisions.. Would you say that the way Smart Wheels judged your driving was fair? Did you find the renewal cost to be cheaper than the alternatives? Did you have to make a claim, and if so, how well was it handled? Did you have any experience with the customer service team? Write a MORE THAN Smart Wheels review today to help other drivers just like you.

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MORE THAN Smart Wheels reviews (11)

No good insurance it just crazy insurance

My insurance been cancelled just 4weeks before the expiry they didn’t give me no claim 1year just I wanna to let everybody knows don’t trust that company they are really bad try another insurance don’t spend your money with them marking money hard for everybody please don’t contact with them. Reviewed on: 7th July 2023
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We purchased this insurance for my son as he passed his test and first car. As we did this online the number of miles max per year not obvious. My son received a private number plate for birthday and when processing the change with more than we also asked about cost for additional miles. On enquiring the cost for additional miles I was quoted £353.52 per year which was reasonable to then be told oh I need to check this. The updated quote was £1442 as it was processed as a separate item to private number plate. 4 times the original quote! I am very interested in the financial regulation of this and have raised a complaint. If I need to I will follow up with Financial ombudsman. My advice. Do not use this provider for young drivers. There are far better deals out there. If you do have this policy... your hands are not tied there are ways to resolve. More than! Never ever again Ps if I could choose zero stars I would have but bo option for extremely poor. Reviewed on: 23rd February 2023
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Serena Dunlop

Very Poor

We first had the black box fitted last Oct having waited all day for an engineer, it didn't work. I called several times asking what to do. They sent another engineer (Another day waiting as they don't give times) they told us the box was fitted in completely the wrong place under the bonnet and there were wires all over our battery. They removed the box and relocated it inside the car. It worked for a while but has now gone intermittent, not picking up all journeys. I have just called More Than to explain but the operator firstly refused to help me because the policy is in my daughters name although this wasn't a problem ALL the other times I have called, I am also named on this policy, I took the policy out and I'm paying for it. Honestly More Than this whole experience has been unbelievable poor. The App used to monitor performance is frustrating, demotivating and just poor. Reviewed on: 9th February 2023
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Cathy Drewett

Very poor service

It's a real shame that there isnt such a black box that can rate smart wheels admin performance or they'd be paying their customers. Changing prices, hiding behind the phone options 1 2 or 3 and yet I still havent spoken to a more than employee. Really lousy service. Reviewed on: 27th October 2022
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Jay Noble

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