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Excellent mileage money-back program Direct Line are the best - easy to contact customer service and they offer a program where, if you insure your car for more miles than you end up usin... Read more Reviewed on: 16th October 2022
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Extremely disappointed After being a loyal customer for years having 30 years driving,with no claim whatsoever my renewal this year is nearly £100 more expensive. Now cancel... Read more Reviewed on: 7th March 2023

About the Car Insurance

Shop with confidence when choosing your next car insurance provider by checking out genuine customer reviews on Smart Money People. We collect Direct Line car insurance reviews so you can make an informed decision when choosing your next provider. Direct Line was founded in 1985 as the UK’s first direct car insurance company but has since expanded to offer a variety of insurance products. With policies to cover cars, vans and electric vehicles alongside telematics and mileage money back policies, there’s a versatile range of cover available. Read our Direct Line car insurance reviews to see how genuine Direct Line customers rate their policies. Consider what is important to you in a car insurance policy. Perhaps you want the lowest premium possible, or you may wish for some additional add-ons to make the policy more secure. Whatever you need from a policy, read our Direct Line car insurance reviews to gain some insights into what you could expect as a Direct Line customer. Have you had a car insurance policy with Direct Line? Leave an honest review on Smart Money People so we can help people like you make better decisions. Was the sign-up process simple, or did it perhaps take longer than you’d expected? Were you satisfied with the level of cover you received for the cost of the premium? Did you have any experience with the customer service team? Whether good or bad, leave a Direct Line car insurance review to help other drivers just like you.

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Direct Line Car Insurance reviews (302)

Extremely disappointed

After being a loyal customer for years having 30 years driving,with no claim whatsoever my renewal this year is nearly £100 more expensive. Now cancelled the policy and renewed with new insurers saving myself £140. Am about to cancel home insurance with Direct line too as I have lost trust. So wish that I had done a price comparison sooner. Reviewed on: 7th March 2023

Discriminatory against PTSD child abuse trauma victim

I was involved in non fault car accident insured with Direct line. They have been terrible. I have had to report Direct Line Legal Services to the SRA. The SRA asked me to report to the financial ombudsman because them not taking in to account my PTSD at the start of my claim is discriminatory. This has affected me on every level and also negatively affected my chances in court in that I have been unable to gather evidence with the aim of taking the individual who abused me to court. Reviewed on: 5th March 2023
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Where is my refund?

Where is my refund? You owe me money and you are just being obstructive by blaming other departments. I have emails from you telling me what it is, so pay up. Reviewed on: 20th December 2022


I have been insured with these guys for very long not since after my car got written off by the DLG autos The service is poor direct line is not as good on family as you think they are when it comes to the valuation of the car they don’t ring you they get someone to give you a ring after Christmas maybe I’m still waiting on my valuation of my car I had a really bad experience with these guys which I have got two policies with these And I am not going to be with these guys any longer which from today I am finding another insurance company which are really good not as bad as these. I would recommend no one to join direct line it’s Lord of lies load of rubbish they don’t help you in fact they destroy your cars So be aware they are totally cons I’ve got some pictures I would upload so you can see me before and after how the damaged my car Reviewed on: 20th December 2022

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