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Very good Very good and easy to set up, and changer of car easy too Reviewed on: 10th March 2023

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Avoid if returning from abroad If this is the modern way of dealing with customers, give me a company where you can communicate with humans. I have paid 1 year in advance for my ca... Read more Reviewed on: 13th March 2023
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The Aviva car insurance reviews on Smart Money People come from drivers like you. We’ve got hundreds of genuine Aviva car insurance reviews to help you decide if Aviva is the right company for your needs, budget, and vehicle. With over one million customers, Aviva is one of the largest UK car insurance providers, with policies spanning different vehicle types and various levels of cover. Your car insurance is an ongoing financial commitment, and provides important protection should an unfortunate incident occur, so it really is worth taking the time to make an informed decision. Our reviews on Aviva car insurance cover everything from multi car insurance, to electric car insurance, to young driver policies, so you’re sure to find some that are relevant to you. And remember, if you've used Aviva before, you can also leave a review to help other drivers. Not sure what to write about? Share your experiences on customer service, or setting up a policy, or give your thoughts on whether it’s good value for money. You may also want to offer details on how efficient the claims process was for example. Don’t forget to include what kind of policy you’ve taken out too; this is all really valuable information for drivers doing their research. Smart Money People is the UK’s largest financial services review site. Together, we can help to increase trust and transparency in financial services. Read or write an Aviva car insurance review below.

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Aviva Car Insurance reviews (367)

Avoid if returning from abroad

If this is the modern way of dealing with customers, give me a company where you can communicate with humans. I have paid 1 year in advance for my car insurance, while providing evidence of no-claims history. Aviva claim to accept evidence from UK or EU insurance companies. I lived and worked in Belgium since 1983 and was insured to drive there. My Belgian insurance company is legally bound to provide documentation only in official Belgian languages, ie French, Dutch and German. Their document is a form listing all previous claims. The form they gave me has nothing but blank rows because I have had zero claims since I took out the policy with them in 1999. I have sent this, a machine translation of the form plus the company's covering note confirming that I have been involved in NO accidents since the start of the policy, 24 years ago. I have uploaded all this to MyAviva, emailed it, explained several times by email and it seems no human ever examines the file. I started this process long before the requested start of insurance cover. The final straw was receiving another automated request to upload my No Claims Discount form last Sunday morning. This is UK terminology. I can do nothing more than provide evidence of no claims whatsoever in the last 24 years. If Aviva claims to accept evidence from UK and EU insurance companies, this is clearly untrue. I have asked Aviva to confirm acceptability immediately, or reimburse my payment, while I find a proper insurance company that listens to its customers. Still no reply. And in the meantime, Aviva tell me they will cancel my insurance at the end of the month if I don't upload a NCD form, which does not exist in Belgium. Reviewed on: 13th March 2023
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Very good

Very good and easy to set up, and changer of car easy too Reviewed on: 10th March 2023

Dubious practice bordering on theft

Aviva helped themselves to my money via my credit card for a renewed policy that I had not taken out which they said I had to opt out of. Reviewed on: 27th February 2023
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Lily XYZ

Awful experience

I had multi car insurance for several years with Aviva, I was hit by a lorry in September 2021 and the service I received from Aviva after years of being a loyal customer was appalling. Eventually the claim was settled as non fault and over 18 months later I still haven't had my £250 excess refunded even though they have recouped all their costs. I have chased their solicitors up several times only to be told that they've requested documents from Aviva. We are now looking into contacting the financial ombudsman due to the stress and frustration this is causing. They are quick to take your policy money but awful when a claim is made. Have now gone to an alternative provider and will never return. Reviewed on: 21st February 2023
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Lee Pinner

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