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Best Very good highly recommended.. essential Reviewed on: 13th January 2023

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Utterly Useless I contacted Vitality for the first time on the 1st of November 2022 (my first contact with them since starting on the policy back in July) after my j... Read more Reviewed on: 28th December 2022
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Vitality Health Insurance reviews (142)


Very good highly recommended.. essential Reviewed on: 13th January 2023

Utterly Useless

I contacted Vitality for the first time on the 1st of November 2022 (my first contact with them since starting on the policy back in July) after my jaw dislocated and didn’t relocate properly leaving me in pain and discomfort, I was set up with a GP appointment via their app on the 3rd of November. The video consultation on the 3rd was good and thorough and I was assured I’d be contacted within 5 days to arrange an appointment with a specialist to get my jaw sorted. So far so good, but this was sadly a false horizon. I didn’t hear anything from Vitality for a week, so on the 11th of November I phoned to see what was happening. The Vitality GP hadn’t submitted the necessary paperwork so nothing had happened with my treatment!. On the 14th of November I was contacted by Vitality and informed that I and my NHS GP needed to fill in a form to progress with my treatment, I filled this out ASAP and took it to my NHS GP to do their part which took 10 days and cost me £50 to get done (which Vitality have informed me is not claimable). I submitted this form via e-mail to Vitality on the 24th of November to try and get things moving along quickly after the delays.. A week later I had not heard anything back so I phoned to see what the status was, I was assured that my forms had been received and I would hear hack shortly. Over the next few weeks I heard nothing from Vitality and chased them up via e-mail a couple of times to hopefully get the issue sorted before Christmas as it was making eating and talking difficult. It’s now the 28th of December, almost 2 months since my first incident with my jaw and I phoned Vitality again, after a time on hold and being pinged around departments I was informed that Vitality would not cover any treatment for my jaw issue as it was a pre-existing condition!, I have not had any treatment or medication for the issue and have not seen a doctor about it (which was attested to by my NHS GP). I was told I would be eligible for treatment for the issue with Vitality in 2 years if I was no longer having treatment of mediation for it, even though I have never had any treatment for the issue! (A frankly Kafka-esq situation) The whole situation has been a waste of time, effort and money, and now I’ve been suffering with a painful jaw for two months with the promise of treatment from Vitality and now will not be getting it from them. Reviewed on: 28th December 2022
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What a joke

Vitality is an absolute scam. Their app doesn’t work, it’s damn near impossible to get hold of them, and their doctors will even breach the practice direction and code of conduct to fob you off. I had abdominal pain and acid reflux for several weeks after going abroad. After hours on the phone to Vitality and emails back and forth, I finally got an online appointment with one of their GPs who asked me to jump up and down on the spot as a “test” for peptic (stomach and duodenal) ulcers. No such test exists. I have queried it with a number of consultant gastroenterologists. Their GP had fabricated it to dismiss my symptoms as mere indigestion. I was eventually treated on the NHS and at endoscopy it was found that I did have peptic ulcers after all (caused by Helicobacter pylori). For all its problems, the NHS provides a much better service. Don’t waste a penny on Vitality. Reviewed on: 18th December 2022
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Still trying to get settlement on a straight forward claim for a broken tooth - into a 5 month wait, numerous phone calls (each taking over an hour) three claim forms, every excuse under the sun as to why they can't pay out - what a bunch of crooks. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Reviewed on: 14th December 2022
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