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Very helpful Easy if u call first thing in morning as you don’t have to wait so long. Good company Reviewed on: 14th September 2023
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Gail Roseman

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Wow. Complete scam. Wow. Worst scam ever. I have been thrown left, right and center to receive ENT treatment that I have been desperately trying to obtain for over a year... Read more Reviewed on: 15th July 2024
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About the Health Insurance

Vitality health insurance gives policyholders access to video GP appointments and online mental health support. By staying active, customers can earn rewards like gym membership discounts and fitness trackers. There are a range of additional add-ons to enhance your policy such as hospital choice, out-patient cover and optical, dental and hearing cover.

Choosing the right health insurance policy for your needs can be difficult with so many providers on the market. Our Vitality health insurance reviews can give you valuable insight into life as a policyholder.

Find out how long customers have had their policies with Vitality, and how satisfied they’ve been so far. Learn how policyholders feel about the price of their policies and the amount of excess they have to pay. Do policyholders feel these prices are fair for the amount of cover they have? Find out how easy it is to claim on Vitality’s health insurance and how quickly claims are paid out. Learn more about the rewards available. Read about experiences with the video GP appointments and Vitality’s customer service team. Make an informed decision when choosing your new provider by reading our Vitality health insurance reviews.

If you have a health insurance policy with Vitality, share your experience with our Smart Money People community. Why did you choose Vitality as your provider and have you been satisfied so far? What sort of illnesses and ailments are and aren’t covered under your policy? Did you opt for any additional extras? Have you made a claim, and if so, how quickly was it paid out? What features of the policy do you like the most? Is there anything you feel could be improved? Write an honest Vitality health insurance review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Vitality Health Insurance reviews (191)

Wow. Complete scam.

Wow. Worst scam ever. I have been thrown left, right and center to receive ENT treatment that I have been desperately trying to obtain for over a year. Let me take you through the terrible process, which in the end left me to seek private, self pay treatment at a Harley street ENT clinic costing me £1000 out of my own pocket. So, over a year ago I contacted their “Vitality GP” service multiple times thinking that this acts as a GP - one would assume that, right? At first I thought, great easy access since the waiting times and lack of continuous treatment was my experience in the NHS so felt positive of finally getting somewhere with my throat pain and chest pain. Following “consultations” with GP’s they all agreed that I needed further assessment and said that I would receive a notification on what steps to do next. I got one saying that I needed to fill out a VGP form - this is a form where I write my symptoms and there is another section for the GP to fill out. I asked if the vitality GP could do that but no. They were only a free service provided by vitality. Fair enough, scam. I tried to book in a consultation with NHS GP (again what’s the point in this if I have to go through NHS anyway?) but due to waiting times of months and the severity of my symptoms I decided to use DocTap - a private GP service which I found on the Vitality Care Hub, which gives a discount to use, which obviously made me believe that they would be accepted. I self-pay £64 for a DocTap GP assessment and they refer me to both ENT and Respiratory. I bring these referrals to Vitality and are you ready - they do not accept referrals from private GP’s. It’s honestly laughable at this point - I have spent £74 (and increasing rapidly) every month for over a year, however much time and emotional labour and now £64 for a GP appointment found on THEIR care hub to be told that it’s not accepted. Again, scam. My symptoms are so bad that I actually fear my life. I urgently call NHS 111 for a GP to urgently speak to me so I can get the ENT referral. Thankfully, I get a same day appointment with an NHS doctor and she is great - she goes through my whole medical history, talks through my symptoms and recommends me to really see an ENT doctor. I tell her about how Vitality needs a GP to fill out this simple form to which she says that GP’s can’t do that through “general consultation” and that I normally would have to speak to support to find a GP to fill it out as it takes some time etc. The waitlist for this is MONTHS. She says that I need private support and says that normally what insurance providers need are referral documents stating everything in the form (the GP also worked with Bupa and she said that was the case there) and that should be fine. So she sends me 2 separate, signed letters with all information about my symptoms, medical history, request for private health care - everything. I send an email to [email protected] because that’s what they said - I send an email with both referrrals from private GP DocTap, I send referrals and a medical letter from my NHS GP. I call them and say that it’s urgent and guess what - they cannot accept referrals from private GP’s. Clearly, she had not even read the whole email. I then say that I know because they had already rejected me once and that I had give through the stress and work of getting urgently seen by a NHS GP to obtain this and she says well, if it’s not in the VGP form then we can’t accept it. Scam. The form is the simplest of all - it seems like a way to prevent people to make claims. The exact information they need for their “form” is in the referral letters I got from both private and public. i can’t believe the stress I have experienced and money they have taken from me. Run. Today I came back from the private clinic where I was seen, had a procedure done, got bloods and had medication for £1000. I enquired about my ENT appointment Friday evening and was seen today - Monday. I could have spared myself the stress and paid half as much by just going private without insurance from the start. Reviewed on: 15th July 2024
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Don't use Vitality unless you are really fit!

Vitality Health charges rapidly increase year on year. Their attitude to moratorium related issues is just a scheme to ensure you don't claim. there is no room for any flexibilty whatsoever. Reviewed on: 21st June 2024
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John Griffiths

You probably aren't covered...

I discovered a lump on my nose and following an online consultation with a vitality GP I received a form for my GP to complete, confirming this wasn’t a pre-existing condition. My GP charges a £35 fee and has a 12 month backlog for completing these kind of forms. When I contacted Vitality this was dismissed as being in the, ‘terms and conditions’ I signed up to. Complete waste of money. I am having to go through NHS anyway. If my nose lump is assessed as benign I will definitely be changing insurer. I should also add that Vitality could easily request my medical notes to confirm that this is not a pre-existing condition. When I spoke with their telephone operative she advised me they often get these forms back from GPs incomplete or even blank. This to me seems like a cynical tactic to prevent people making a claim. Reviewed on: 29th May 2024
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Vitality are VERY good at talking your money - BUT

Vitality are VERY good at talking your money - BUT when you need them they are impossible to contact. Kept waiting for ages on the phone and then transferred to yet another section - had to explain all over again -my advice - AVOID VITALITY - RUBISH CUSTOMER CARE! Reviewed on: 28th March 2024
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