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Are You Owed Money Debt Collection Reviews

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Your Debt Collection Reviews (4)

25th April 2019

I would rate it below 0 if it was possible.

I would rate it below 0 if it was...

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I would rate it below 0 if it was possible.
The debtor paid the whole money back on November 2018.
This company is holding my money. They said they have to until April because otherwise the debtor can take the money back. Now that 6 months period is over they have no other excuses. Suddenly nobody knows nothing. Customer service tells me to keep sending emails to finance and eventually they may answer as they are the only one responsible for that. Guess what I have already sent them 3 emails. First one was on 4th of April and they are not replying back. Nobody can contact them dirrectly somehow. Only emails that they ignore. This is ridiculous. Do not ever think about using them. Waste of nerves and time. After I went to court against debtor to get the warrant it seems like they are the next one on the list.