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Axa: Home Insurance reviews

Based on 75 reviews, last reviewed 9th Feb 2024
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Flexible cover Axa were more flexible than others and were able to help when I had specific coverage requests. Still at a competitive price. Reviewed on: 23rd August 2023
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Horrendous! Mr bates comes to mind Refused to accept responsibility! Still fighting through ombudsman Reviewed on: 9th February 2024

About the Home Insurance

At Smart Money People, our AXA home insurance reviews can help you decide whether AXA is the right provider for your needs.

Offering both buildings and contents insurance, AXA has three levels of cover to help you find an appropriate policy. The basic level is AXA Home Insurance, rising to AXA Plus and further to AXA Premier. To make your policy even more robust, choose from a variety of optional extras. These include student cover, bicycle cover, specified item cover and more.

Understanding what you need from a home insurance policy is vital in order to choose the best cover for your needs. Do you require a high level of specified protection, or are you perhaps looking for the lowest priced deal? Find out if AXA is the right choice for you by reading our AXA home insurance reviews. Learn from genuine policyholders how AXA serves its customers, and whether they would renew their policies with the company.

Have you had a home insurance policy from AXA? Tell us what level of cover you chose and whether you added any additional extras. Were you satisfied with the level of cover you received for the price of your premium? Did you need to make a claim on your policy, and if so, how well was it handled? Did you encounter any hidden fees? Would you recommend AXA home insurance to your family or friends?

Whether good or bad, share your experience with our Smart Money People community. Write an AXA home insurance review today.

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Axa Home Insurance reviews (75)

Horrendous! Mr bates comes to mind

Refused to accept responsibility! Still fighting through ombudsman Reviewed on: 9th February 2024

Axa are a bunch of scumbag robbing cowboys

My full review of Axa and Hastings who they underwrite with is over at Trustpilot with updates finally at financial ombudsman dated 10th December 2023 titled "DONT TRUST THESE ROBBING SCUMBAGS, ABSOLUTE COWBOYS!" go find the review and make your own mind up. I simply won't ever use these again. Reviewed on: 6th January 2024
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Paul B

Avoid at all costs!

Absolutely atrocious! The leak began the size of a coin and is now over 4ft in diameter! 3 plumbers later and my home is wrecked! Reviewed on: 26th December 2023

AVOID! Unreliable and Untrustworthy: A Disastrous Experience with AXA

I had high hopes when choosing AXA for my first home insurance, despite their significantly higher charges. Opting for extra protection seemed like a prudent decision at the time. However, when faced with a roof leak caused by strong winds and flooding, my optimism quickly evaporated. The initial assessment deemed it a valid claim, extending to furniture and blind damage. To my dismay, AXA later contradicted this, asserting that the winds on that day weren't severe enough, despite the highest rainfall in years. The saga continued as they rejected our claim, arguing that our conservatory, which is actually 15 years old, exceeded their mysterious 20-year limit. When corrected, they promptly shifted the goalposts, now deeming it too old as well. In summary, dealing with AXA has been a nightmare. Their inconsistencies, dubious assessments, and outright refusals make them the worst insurance company I've encountered. I strongly advise against entrusting your home to AXA – it's a gamble that could leave you without coverage when you need it most. Avoid at all costs. Reviewed on: 18th November 2023

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