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Excellent service When we were flooded in 2015 they covered everything, check with us regularly how the work was going, chased up contractors where necessary and didn't... Read more Reviewed on: 28th September 2022

Latest lowest rating: 1

Worthless. Night mair. AVOID Had home emergency cover. This cold December January the heating system failed. Took 5 days and had to phone at 5am to speak to someone who directed m... Read more Reviewed on: 3rd February 2023

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Axa Home Insurance reviews (64)

Worthless. Night mair. AVOID

Had home emergency cover. This cold December January the heating system failed. Took 5 days and had to phone at 5am to speak to someone who directed me to a website, it turns out nog functional, phone again assigned heating and plumbing company in Edinburgh. He came said the system boiler is functioning and no fault but the valve at pipe in garage ceiling need changing,it 2.2 meters high and won't do it will report and come back with equipment.. They eventually phoned me from AXA and said though the valve away from boiler we are not replacing it as boiler was not serviced this year.. We'll it working and services 16 months ago. No joy. We were without heating till now @ a month since it failed and bought an electric heater after we stayed at rental accommodation for 2 weeks atls it was very cold and both are mature adults, me and my wife very disappointed and will go to the ombudsman. Its comforting to know others have similar dismal service from this scam.. Avoid Reviewed on: 3rd February 2023

Please stay away from the axa home insurance

They’ve been dreadful to deal with, rude and they find anyway not pay out. I’m approaching my renewal date so I won’t renew with them. Claiming with them is like it’s a problem to ask, you have to be very careful of what you say. I don’t understand how they’ve been awarded in the past because they’re so bad in many ways. Only one young lady named Rebecca has been the kindest and most compassionate claims handler I’ve spoken to before and that’s only one out of the many I’ve dealt with, the rest are absolutely horrible and speak so degrading. I’ve made a complaint in the past and demanded that they listen to recorded calls which turns out they couldn’t locate so they compensated me £80 as an apology which was pathetic and made me lose trust in the complaints department. I’m glad to be leaving them Reviewed on: 19th January 2023
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Smart A

Incompetent, uncaring, unprofessional, useless for home insurance.

I agree with other reviewers that my review would be no stars, but as customers we do not seem to be allowed that option if we wish to submit a review. After 2 and a half years I am still waiting for a settlement, and actually for any action or help from this company. I have followed up my original complaint with a complaint to the Ombudsman. My home and my life has been devastated by a water escape due to the negligence of a 3rd party (water company). AXA and their underwriters Plum did not conduct proper investigations, they did not identify the source of the water escape. When, the access point of the leak was identified 12 months later (through my own investigations and at cost to myself) they took another 6 months to confirm this. They did not follow up their recommendation for an immediate drying out programme - in fact, I am still waiting for this, almost a year later, and as a result the foundations and structure of my home have been exposed to and compromised by further damage and there is nothing I can do to rectify this until the insurers properly investigate the circumstances and damage, which they are still very reluctant to do. AXA's underwriters - Plum - are incompetent, uncommunicative and dismissive and have given me no guidance or advice. Ironically, I have car insurance with AXA. The service I received from them was impeccable. Do not be misled - as expertise in one aspect of their portfolio, does not mean they have either expertise or integrity in another. My home insurance is far more important than my car insurance - my home was my pension, and my independence. At 64, after working hard all my life, my retirement plan, and all reassurance about my future health and security has been put in jeopardy. I have read the 5 star reviews, it is interesting that there seems to be a huge discrepancy in service provided to customers / claimants. I d not understand why there is such a variation in claim responses. In my lifetime of paying insurance, I have only made a couple of minor claims, I rarely complain and I have never previously posted a negative review. I suspect posting this, whilst my claim is ongoing, may make my life more difficult, but I do not want anyone else to go through this experience. Reviewed on: 18th January 2023

Avoid at all costs AXA Home Insurance!!! It is a dishonest company.

Avoid at all costs AXA Home Insurance!!! Giving them one star is too much for them. I agree with some previous reviews that it is a dishonest company just an easy money making SCAM. This is my experience. On December 23, 2022, I requested a temporary fix to end the immediate emergency caused by roof leaks during a heavy downpour. As of right now, January 12, 2023, the leaks have still not been repaired. The first roofing company was appointed by AXA Insurance on 27 December, four days after the emergency claim. The roofing company offered to come on 3 January the earliest. Then I discovered that the company was dormant! So, AXA appointed another roofing company promising to me that they will come today. This was a lie! The roofers came on 29 December just to have a look and take photos. Six days after the emergency claim. Then we had to wait for AXA Insurance approval for the works, which was received on January 3. Ten days after the emergency claim. The roofers scheduled to come to make a temporary repair on 11 January weather permitting. In the mean time, the initial little roof leaks that were not addressed right away have since advanced to create additional significant damage as a result of AXA Insurance's incompetence in resolving the emergency claim promptly. On January 9th part of the ceiling in the bathroom collapsed, with the debris filling the bathtub and covering the floor carpet and the surrounding objects and area with pieces of plaster, wood, bricks, loft insulation, dust, etc. It was pure luck that no one was hurt at the time. It took several hours to clean the mess; however, I cannot do much about the huge hole in the ceiling with rain leaking and debris particles falling down. There a risk of further collapse of the ceiling, and the situation is dangerous. There is only one bathroom in the house, and we cannot use it safely. The roofers came to make a temporary repair on 11 January. A few hours after they left it rained and the leak was as before! Eighteen days after the emergency claim! And neither the contractors nor AXA Insurance acknowledge the responsibility. This is after hours and days waiting on the phone to get someone to speak to. The agents who would answer the phone were absolutely useless and thoroughly dishonest. Reviewed on: 12th January 2023
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Efim Rabinovitch

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