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Helpful customer service Had no issues with this company. Whenever I have had any problems the customer service team have been happy to help and dealt with any issues promptly... Read more Reviewed on: 11th July 2020
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Total scam con artist I mail a claim and they took my car away right away. But since then I have had no communication from them. When I call they say I have to call West ... Read more Reviewed on: 1st June 2023

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Geoffrey Insurance Car Insurance reviews (277)

Total scam con artist

I mail a claim and they took my car away right away. But since then I have had no communication from them. When I call they say I have to call West Bay the insurance company as Geoffrey is only a broker. What a shambles as I keep getting passed from the companies back and forth. 6 days on and still no call from either Geoffrey or west bay. I requested my no claims bonus certificate and on here it stated had accident but no fault of mine. Yet I have not been told this from Geoffrey insurance. I am now worried that they will not pay me what my car is worth please avoid this company yes they may be cheep but this is because they are cutting corners. Reviewed on: 1st June 2023

Unreasonable increase in premium

I had never claimed anything with Geoffrey or any other insurers, but I only reported last year that someone hit and run the door of my parked car on hospital grounds, only reported as I needed the security to investigate through their cameras. Once I realised their cameras weren't helpful, I accepted that they can't find the culprit and withdraw any report and never claimed anything. They have now sent me a renewal quote of 5 times higher price then my previous "due to reporting the dent on the door" even when I was not at fault, my fault was - parking my car in a hospital car park! I dont really get their rational behind their new quote, so I would advise not to go with Geoffrey as they never helped me with anything but want to charge unreasonable price. For what exactly?? Reviewed on: 4th April 2023


I have had a nightmare with this company since i contacted them to report my incident. Nobody I've spoken to has rang me back when they said they would. At the beginning I had to ring up so many times to make sure they were progressing my repair. It took about 3 weeks for my car to be taken away because they took ages to allocate an appropriate repairer - they kept allocating repairers that weren't available and even allocated me a repairer 50 miles away at one point. It took me ages to get a courtesy car through enterprise, trying to go through through their system of layers of geofrey insurance, marker study and vizion has been horrific to the point of mental exhaustion and hours upon hours on hold and each layer passing blame onto another layer when I did finally get through to someone. Even after I sorted my courtesy car they decided to tell Enterprise that I had to return my courtesy car after only 2 weeks of having it, despite saying in the conditions that I should be offered a car for at least 60 days. Therefore I was without a car at all for about 6 weeks. As a nurse in the NHS this meant I endured a lot of stress and extra cost to make sure I got to work for the weeks I was without any transport. The only good thing in this saga of disappointment was the garage who repaired my car who were honest and rang me with updates, although this did take a long time to repair. Honestly an abysmal service from geofrey/ marker study and associated companies. I would strongly advise anyone to get insurance from them or anyone associated with them and i can't wait to get rid of them as my insurer. Reviewed on: 16th March 2023


Avoid! Came in with the best quote through comparison sites. When I went to make changes (one day before the policy start) the premium went up to an unreasonable amount, so I backed out. They charged me a £25 administration fee, on a policy that never even started!! Reviewed on: 11th March 2023
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