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John Lewis: Car Insurance reviews

Based on 30 reviews, last reviewed 15th Apr 2024
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Credit Solution I have been making regular payments on a loan that was opened in Oct 2022, but my lender did not report my account to the credit bureaus until Feb 202... Read more Reviewed on: 29th March 2023
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Dalia Russo

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A bad experience with JLF car insurance. Already having had a bad experience with John Lewis Finance (JLF) over their change of management of their credit card, I was yet again assailed by in... Read more Reviewed on: 15th April 2024
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Roger E

About the Car Insurance

Find out what genuine customers have to say about John Lewis by checking out our John Lewis car insurance reviews.

John Lewis provides a variety of insurance policies for cars, homes, pets and weddings, as well as life insurance. Comprehensive car policies with John Lewis include personal injury cover, a courtesy car and 180 days of European cover as standard. Anybody looking for extra protection can browse the selection of additional add-ons.

What's most important to you from a car insurance policy? Perhaps you require specific features, such as windscreen cover or no claims discount protection? Or maybe excellent customer service is at the top of your list and you’re here to find a company that goes above and beyond? Whatever your needs, check out the John Lewis car insurance reviews on Smart Money People to see how genuine policyholders rate their experiences.

Have you had a car insurance policy with John Lewis? Whether positive or not, share your experience with others. Was the sign–up process quick and simple, or did it perhaps take longer than anticipated? Would you say that the cost of the premium was reasonable for the level of cover you received? Did you have any experience with the customer service team? Did you select any additional extras for your policy, and were you satisfied with these? Write a John Lewis car insurance review today. Together, we can help people like you make better decisions.

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John Lewis Car Insurance reviews (30)

A bad experience with JLF car insurance.

Already having had a bad experience with John Lewis Finance (JLF) over their change of management of their credit card, I was yet again assailed by indifference and delay when I had to make a claim on my car insurance. My car was stolen from my driveway on 29 February when thieves broke into my house and stole the key. The police were informed as soon as the burglary was noticed (and acted very promptly) as was JLF. After 3 derisory settlement offers, JLF finally came up with a sensible settlement offer on 19 March which I accepted on 20 March. I was assured that the money would be in my bank account within the next 3-4 working days. However, it had not appear by 26 March so I phoned JLF and was assured it would be in by the end of the following day. This process was repeated on 28 March, 29 March (no response because of bak holiday) and 30 March. The money finally appeared on 2 April. And to add insult to injury, I tried to claim for a few of the more significant personal belongings in the car - a Cotswold Woollen blanket, a pair of hiking poles and a camera monopod. This was rejected because I had no receipts. (The moral of this is to claim for items for which you have a receipt!) To anybody else out there I would advocate steering well clear of any products or services associated with John Lewis Finance. Reviewed on: 15th April 2024
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Roger E

Lack of customer service

Last year I had car insurance for £383 and they have just written to me with the renewal at £870. There's no explanation or anything in the renewal letter to explain why it is such a large increase. Nothing has happened in the year - no claims, no accidents, no speeding tickets, nothing. What's worse is I can't even get through on the phone to query it - they just play on-hold music and tell me my call is important. I've used Go Compare and got a new policy for £427 - less than half they quoted. John Lewis used to be special and have a good name, but now they're just another ordinary brand in the pack. Why bother, quote frankly. Reviewed on: 11th March 2024
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Robert G

Waste of time

My husband has had car insurance through JL for the last two years. He has had no accidents or claims on his policy which has been paid in full annually. This year he has received a letter stating that he should find a new insurer as the no longer wish to insure him, with no explanation or opportunity to discuss the matter - very poor service. Reviewed on: 18th August 2023
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June Jeffries

Car insurance service poor

I was driven into 11 months ago. Small scratch only. Wouldn't have used insurance if the other party hadn't tried to apportion blame. Photo evidence of her error. 11 months later still no resolution and so JL car insurance quadrupled my premium! So I pay for their failings. Reviewed on: 4th August 2023
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Nicola B

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