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Based on 60 reviews, last reviewed 12th Jan 2024
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Great for Listed Property coverage Brought a listed property, then came to insure and found very limited insurer options. Being a bog standard home (just old). I was mesmerised h... Read more Reviewed on: 30th August 2023

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DO NOT USE JOHN LEWIS HOME INSURANCE OR SA PLATTS CO... DO NOT USE JOHN LEWIS HOME INSURANCE OR SA PLATTS CONTRACTORS!! Having worked for Waitrose for 10 years we decided to get our Home Insurance with John... Read more Reviewed on: 12th January 2024
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Louise G

About the Home Insurance

Whether you’re looking to take out buildings insurance, contents insurance, or both, you want to be confident that the provider is reputable. Our John Lewis home insurance reviews can give you insight into what you can expect as a John Lewis policyholder.

With three levels of cover: Bronze, Silver and Gold, John Lewis has options to suit many. The provider even offers specialist policies to cover listed buildings, homes built before 1800 and high-value artwork and antiques. There are no additional fees for paying your premium monthly, and no admin fees if you need to modify your cover.

If John Lewis sounds like the perfect provider for your needs, read customer reviews to learn more. Our John Lewis home insurance reviews are written by genuine policyholders. Find out how satisfied they were with the level of cover they received. Learn about John Lewis’ customer service and whether policyholders would renew with the provider.

Have you had a home insurance policy with John Lewis? Share your experience with others. Did you take out buildings insurance, contents insurance, or both? Share what level of cover you chose, or whether you required a specialist policy. Did you take out any additional extras, and were they reasonably priced? Did you encounter any hidden fees? Did you need to make a claim on your policy, and if so, how well was it dealt with?

Whether good or bad, leave a John Lewis home insurance review on Smart Money People today. Together, we can help people like you make better decisions.

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John Lewis Home Insurance reviews (60)


DO NOT USE JOHN LEWIS HOME INSURANCE OR SA PLATTS CONTRACTORS!! Having worked for Waitrose for 10 years we decided to get our Home Insurance with John Lewis as they provide high standards and great customer service. However this has not been the case. We put in a claim with them in Feb due to escape of water in our kitchen. They arranged for their contractors SA Platts to complete strip out works of our kitchen to allow our plumbers to come in the following day to fix the leak. SA Platts did not complete any of the work agreed but drilled a hole through our kitchen wall! This went through the wall and damaged tiles and our bath in our bathroom the other side! They told us they would put this right and tried to find a matching tile but couldn’t. After feeding this back to John Lewis they closed our claim and blamed us for the damage! I was so appalled so I sent them a 30 page complaint which they eventually replied to in October! They admitted fault and said they would fix the damage but still haven’t! On several occasions they sent a building inspector Simon who was completely unaware of why he was attending or what was going on. I have now been told that he is blaming Homeserve (our plumbers) for creating the hole in our wall which is completely incorrect as it was SA Platts. While they battle this out I am still left with damages to our property. I also have to mention that through out the claim and complaint communication has been appalling! I am constantly having to chase John Lewis and get told lies and false promises time and time again. No one ever seems to know what is going on and it is clear that no one communicated with each other well at all. We have been treated horrendously so I not recommend them to anyone. Reviewed on: 12th January 2024
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Louise G

Elderly parents left with no heating for a week

My elderly parents in their 70s have been left without heating in their home over Christmas. They have John Lewis Home insurance that assured them emergency call-out cover. What is the point in this cover if you can’t deceiver over the festive season. Compensation is in order as they could have found someone else to come quicker. My father also has a heart problem. This is unacceptable especially for the elderly. I am appalled. Reviewed on: 30th December 2023
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Amelia Hunt

De home insured by John Lewis

Policy rolled over on 1st November. Got the renewal notice and tried to do it on line. “Sorry unable to proceed on line please call us” I did and was told that their system was having (unspecified) problems. We had to it it manually. The system would not take my (john Lewis) card and it needed to be escalated to a manager to sort out. They would call me back. They didn’t. As the end of the month was approaching I rang them again, lots of apologies but the system was still having problems. It would take three to five working days to sort out. This would take us past the renewal date so I specifically asked would I still be covered on the 2nd November. YES was the unequivocal answer. Got a letter on Monday saying the policy had lapsed! Rang them and had a fruitless conversation with a handler and then a manager.. Lots of profuse apologies but there was nothing to be done. The computer says no. Reviewed on: 7th November 2023

Terrible service

Had a claim and took over 2 months to sort it out and didn’t pay when told etc etc, moved to someone more professional Reviewed on: 3rd November 2023
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Paul Wizey

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