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I'm really impressed. I have 3 cars and I always shop around for insurance. Saga is very competitive and the service is excellent. If they're in the ballpark on price, I'... Read more Reviewed on: 27th September 2023
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James Fletcher

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. Totally rip off merchants Just had my renewal quote for 2024. £1,101,39 . This is an 100% increase on last year when it was £551.63. Been with them for over fifteen years, neve... Read more Reviewed on: 17th May 2024
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David M

About the Car Insurance

At Smart Money People, we collect Saga car insurance reviews from genuine customers to help you decide if it's the right company for your needs.

Saga was founded in 1951 with a focus on the travel sector. The brand quickly branched out to provide a variety of insurance services, including car insurance. Saga specialises in policies for the over 50s, offering three levels of car insurance, so you can select the most suitable policy for your needs and budget.

Our Saga car insurance reviews span all three policies. Perhaps you need cover for multiple vehicles? Or maybe you’re about to turn 50 and simply looking for the lowest cost comprehensive cover. Whatever your needs, our Smart Money community have been leaving reviews to help people just like you.

Are you already a Saga customer? Whatever your experience, consider leaving a review to help us increase trust and transparency in financial services. How was the sign-up process? Did you have to make a claim against your policy, and if so, how well was it handled? Write a Saga car insurance review on Smart Money People today.

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Saga Car Insurance reviews (5311)

. Totally rip off merchants

Just had my renewal quote for 2024. £1,101,39 . This is an 100% increase on last year when it was £551.63. Been with them for over fifteen years, never had a claim.had a quote from sixteen other companies all were in the region of£400 cheaper than saga. For a five star policy. What does that tell you. They are with doubt profiteering. Got a similar policy from LV insurance less than half the price. If your insurance is due for renewal I would suggest you shop around. Don’t get ripped off by saga. Reviewed on: 17th May 2024
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David M

187% increase in prices - 2nd year Quote

!st year £345.09 second year quote £992.48. How can any business justify that! Stay well clear.187% increase in price Reviewed on: 8th March 2024
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Mike G

Poor Poor Saga

Run away from them, they leave u hanging out to dry Reviewed on: 14th February 2024
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Robert Owen

Took car insurance out at 8.

Took car insurance out at 8.00am hopping to be insured straight away as most insurers do it's now 2pm I have no response from all day not even a deposit confirmation I should be back at work tomorrow and don't know if I'm insured never had this in over 30 years of driving do not use this company Reviewed on: 15th January 2024
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Paul H

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